Hillary Clinton in 2016 isn’t about gender

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Almost as soon as Barrack Obama was elected president in 2008, making him the nation’s first African-American President, talk began about who would become our first female president. Seven years later, there seems to be a sizable segment of our country who are blindly supporting Hillary Clinton because they feel it is time for a woman to run the show. These supporters are uninterested in what any other candidate offers primarily because they all have a penis. When some begin to talk about Senator Elizabeth Warren as a viable challenger to Hillary, Clintons’ supporters basic argument is Elizabeth is not as deservin,g rather than seeing Clinton as having already blown her chance. Instead of looking at what is between a candidate’s legs, aLL voters would be wise to examine their record and then ask, “Is this person qualified to run the nation?” In the case of Hillary Clinton, the answer is, “No.”

Let’s begin by examining what Hillary Clinton accomplished during her time as First Lady. Assigned the task of creating a universal health care system, Clinton was unable to work with the same opposition leaders her husband so masterly worked with. While Bill was creating a budget surplus with the help of Newt Gingrich, Hillary was cementing her reputation as a divisive force that remains with her today. Hillary also famously stood by her man, Bill, during his Monica Lewinsky scandal, not because she loved Bill, but rather because she saw him as more of a future political asset than as a horse’s ass.

Once Bill and Hillary were no longer the residents of the White House, Hillary began to go state shopping in pursuit of her first elected government job and ended up elected as the junior senator from New York. Unfortunately for her, she was viewed by many as nothing more than a carpetbagging opportunist who felt she was entitled to an easy path to the U.S. Senate. New Yorkers, albeit not enough, believed she was using them while she waited out George W. Bush for a 2008 run for the Oval Office. In a little over one term as a senator, there is not one significant piece of legislation with her name on it. In fact, blind Clinton supporters should be reminded Hillary voted to support the very Iraq War you folks claim Hillary was left to clean up as Secretary of State.

And what about her four years as Secretary of State? By the time she stepped down, was the world a safer place because of her or did it become more unstable? Did our relationship with Russia improve or was Vladimir Putin embolden to take on a path of expansion? Has Clinton fully explained her knowledge of the events that led to the attack on Benghazi or the events after it or has she frustrated Republicans who want detailed answers? And was anyone impressed with her forthrightness regarding her use of a private email account or did she deliberately ignore her legal obligations? This alone smells more like Richard Nixon than anything else any president has done since Tricky Dick was forced out of office.

So take a few moments and try to forget Hillary Clinton is a woman. Look at her as just another presidential candidate. What has she accomplished that tells the voter she is better qualified to become our next president? To be fair, be sure and do the same with all others who seek the office and leave gender, race, and religion out of the examination.

All of us want things in life, but it does not mean we are deserving or qualified for them. Hillary Clinton wants to be the our next president probably as much as anyone in history has ever wanted the job. Everything she has said and done since she first arrived on the scene a quarter of a century ago has been with this goal in mind. Still, this is not enough to make her deserving or even qualified and her gender has nothing to do with it. Just examine her record. Surely Democrats can find someone better qualified than Hillary.