Hillary supporters can’t explain this away

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If I was a fan of Hillary Clinton, I would probably be one of those people who claim she is the victim of unfounded Right Wing attacks, an unfair media blowing things out of context, while boasting she is the best qualified candidate in the 2016 race for the White House. I would applaud her years of “public” service and ignore her vast wealth and seemingly constant controversies. This is what supporters do when they invest themselves into a politician.

However, there is one major problem with Hillary her supporters can’t explain away. This is her second run at the White House. Each time, she had eight years to prepare for her “coronation” and both times she has managed to botch things up. In 2008, after serving in the Senate because she was told she needed Washington experience on her resume, Hillary was out campaigned by Barrack Obama.

While Hillary was going through the motions of doing everything she needed to do as if she were playing a board game, she forgot to connect with the voters. Hillary relied too much on big money donors who wanted to see a second Clinton presidency while Obama tapped into a new and more youthful voter base while stealing the minority vote out from under her.  Hillary never realized just how much money younger people could raise via the internet, something Obama mastered.

Defeated, Hillary decided she could still become president if she dutifully continued playing the game while Obama served in power. Told she needed cabinet experience, Hillary either asked for or was offered the Secretary of State job rather than the VP slot many expected. After four years in the state department, Hillary left Washington and began making a boat load of money and connections through private speeches paying her six figures while also bringing in a cool $8 million dollars for her memoir.

By 2015, Hillary not only believed she was ready for another run at the White House, she felt entitled to the Democratic Party’s nomination without competition. Joe Biden decided not to run as did Elizabeth Warren. Hillary’s ground work seemed complete even while facing questions over her private email server and Benghazi.

Just one thing, she forgot again about the people who vote and while she did, Bernie Sanders became the little engine that could derail Hillary in 2016.

Once again, Hillary has failed to understand who the voter is just as much as how angry they are. While she continues relying on big money donors, Sanders has tapped into the millennial mood and connected with angry workers in a way Hillary just does not understand no matter how often she tells people she does. They see through the hypocrisy of and elitist way of life while telling people she understands their pain.

Hillary’s supporters should be worried because twice now she has failed miserably to grasp the mood and the desires of the liberal voter. If she cannot get this right when twice given eight years to do so, what makes her supporters think she will understand the shifting moods of DC law makers, international terrorists, or global nut cases who decide to resume their nuclear weapons program?

You can tell a lot about a leader just by how well he or she runs a campaign. There is no argument Hillary supporters can convince a voter sitting on the fence she will make a better president than she does a candidate. Voters are always let down by presidents who fail to deliver on promises. If she cannot deliver the easy path to her party’s nomination after everything that the party has done for her, how does she expect to succeed if she gets elected in November?