Holiday gifts for the athlete in your life

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If you’re a fitness freak like me, then your other half is going to want to know what to buy you that will help you meet those fitness goals.

And, lo, the Angel of Fitness Holiday Gifts is here to help you out!

So what would be on my wish list…..?

polarloopThe Polar Loop

I totally rate this. I’ve used FitBit in the past, but this seems more advanced. What I like about this product is that it actually stays on your wrist with a more secure band, and it tracks all the choices you make during the day and shows how they’re good for you. It also reminds you when you’ve been still for too long. I need this bit, especially when I’m typing all day long!

You can check your bracelet or cell phone app to see how much you’re missing from your daily activity goal to continue feeling good and the smart Activity Guide gives you tips on how to get there.

Polar Loop retails at $109.95

Clairebrandedbag (1)

I’m a bit fussy when it comes to fitness clothes and I don’t like to be boring, or, heaven forbid, wear anything that anyone else is wearing in the gym! So My Locker is a fab place to customise fitness gear for the fitness freak in your life. You can really stand out from the crowd with our own designs, images, logos and name on your workout stuff. That’s very cool.

You can make your own 100% custom t-shirts, hoodies, polos, jerseys and more it’s incredibly fast, easy, and fun! What’s not like about making custom-designed shirts that fit your life? You’ll have extraordinary personalized apparel for sports, school, work, and all your activities. So, go on, get creative!

arctic easeArctic Ease

I wrote about these little gems before. Every runner knows that injury is never too far away, with wonky sidewalks and trip hazards a-plenty in the woods and on the paths. So, get comfort comes first with these gel packs. I love ’em.

You can catch me talking about these items on the Fox 45 Baltimore, WBFF morning show on Friday 5 December at 945am and I’ll be wearing my own designs!  Check it out!

Happy Holiday Shopping!