Hollywood Health Hike gets booked

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Ron Irwin has been holding his Hollywood Health Hike since 2015. This past April 30 — the anniversary of the 2012 “cardiac event” that changed his life — was the most recent Triple H and Ron was joined by about 10 people interested in hiking for health. And fun sight-seeing along the way. It ends in Hollywood after all, one of the most visited tourist areas in America.

Hollywood Blvd

Now Ron has published a book about the Triple H, entitled, simply enough, Hollywood Health Hike. It’s available via Lulu.com for a nominal price. It’s “… 14 miles from Burbank to Hollywood, California. How this event can be a lot of fun and great exercise and a wonderful weapon in the war on obesity. A short, sweet, simple and ‘everyone should have it’ little book.”

There are no entry fees to join Ron on his hike, no forms to sign, no T-Shirts to buy, just show up at Kangen Water World in Burbank, CA before 9 a.m. the morning of the hike and you’re in. And Kangen will also give you some clean water — free.

Members of the LAPX staff joined Ron on the latest hike and they cal all attest to how much fun they had that day. There was a fine lunch at the end as well. That’s about the only thing hikers have to pay for themselves.

The Stars of Ellen Degeneres and
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In September there will be a very special Hollywood Health Hike that could very well coincide with a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, so stay tuned to the Los Angeles Post-Examiner for more details. Or you can get on Ron’s email list to stay informed: helloron@gmail.com

Either way we strongly urge you to buy Ron’s latest book, at Lulu.com

For something of an artistic nature, you can view (and buy) some of Ron’s photographic art here.

Exploding Palm by Ron Irwin


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