How Do Capsule Supplements Work?

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You’ve definitely at least seen capsule supplements before. They’re pretty hard to miss: many people take supplements as capsules now, enjoying the benefits that supplements can provide in capsule form. But do you know anything about how those capsule supplements differ from other versions? In fact, do you even know what a capsule supplement really is?

If you don’t actually know a lot about capsule supplements, there’s no need to worry. Most people don’t know very much. But with this brief on capsule supplements, you’ll learn a little more and discover whether capsule supplements are the perfect opportunity for you to try out something new. You might discover that you really enjoy how capsule supplements work.

The Elements of a Capsule

So, what is a capsule? In its most simple iteration, a capsule is simply a soluble casing that contains whatever medicine or supplement you’re using. The capsule may be water-soluble or soluble through some other means, such as stomach acid. It usually depends on what’s inside the capsule — liquid capsules, for example, have to be sturdier in order to support the liquid inside.

The next part of the capsule is of course whatever’s inside. This might be a liquid, as with CBD liquid capsules, or a solid, as in powdered supplements. It’s pre-portioned, and the packaging will tell you how much of the supplement or medicine is in each capsule. You might need to take more than one; sometimes the dosing is split up to make it easier for you to take the capsule.

That’s really all there is to it. A capsule is just made up of a casing and a supplement. If it’s liquid, part of the supplement will be the liquid carrier. However, it’s usually an extract, which means it’s as distilled as possible. You just have to take it as indicated to get the same benefits as with any other supplement.

Capsules Versus Other Methods

There are many different ways to take a supplement or medication. You may have used a tablet, an oil, a mix, a powder, or even just the raw product before. Although these are all great ways to take different supplements, they also have certain downsides. Capsules can be more helpful for some people because of their portability and convenience.

With a capsule, all you have to do is take your supplement with you. If you need it, you can dig it out of a purse, backpack, or bag, take one, then wash it down with a little bit of water. There’s no worries about dosing or additional tools. That’s why it’s so useful for so many different people.

A capsule is also very specifically portioned. Some people find it difficult to carefully portion supplements, which can be detrimental if you’re attempting to establish a habit with a supplement. Instead of having to deal with portioning on your own, you just rely on the company that dosed the capsule. That’s incredibly useful for many people.

CBD as a Capsule

There are lots of ways you can take CBD, and one of the most widely-known is as an oil. Although CBD oil is certainly extremely useful, you might find that CBD liquid capsules provide even more benefits for your personal life. This product essentially takes CBD oil and puts it in a liquid capsule form for you to take rather than dosing oil directly. For some people, that makes CBD much more accessible.

When you purchase a CBD liquid capsule, it’s important to take all the same precautions as you would with CBD oil. That includes ensuring that your capsules are high-quality and third-party-tested. Charlotte’s Web passes all of those tests. With Charlotte’s Web CBD liquid capsules, you can be sure that you’re getting the best products at all times.


It’s hard for some people to introduce CBD into their diet. If you’ve avoided CBD because you’ve found the dosing too difficult, CBD liquid capsules are exactly what you’ve been looking for. You should definitely look into CBD liquid capsules; even if you’re currently using CBD oil, the convenience and portability of liquid capsules are one of the most useful things about it.

Just remember that quality should always be the most important thing on the list. When you want the quality that you deserve in your CBD liquid capsules, look no further than Charlotte’s Web. You’ll get high-quality CBD in a high-quality capsule, meaning that you’ll get the best at all times.