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As any homeowner is well aware, there are some monthly costs, which you simply cannot avoid. Mortgages are a perfect example of this. You can of course remortgage for a better deal, but aside from that every few years, there is nothing you can do to bring the cost down. Many people feel the same way about their energy costs, assuming that they can’t do anything to affect them – but this is far from the truth. In fact, there are many ways you can reduce the energy you use in the home each month. One website, South Bay Energy Reviews, helps you to find out how you can use less energy to help the planet and to reduce your monthly costs. Here are some tips we thought were worth sharing:

Manage the Temp

Whether you live in a hot area and need the house cold, or a cold area and need the house warm, there is a little-to-no benefit in having the house being cooled or warmed whilst nobody is there. This is why you must use a device, which will allow you to set the times for when the home gets warm or cold. If you want the perfect temperature when you get home then you can set it to begin 30 minutes before your arrival, rather than waste energy on persevering the temperature all day when nobody is home.


If your home fridge and freezer, your air conditioning unit or even your television is covered in the dust then it will need to work harder in order to operate, which will cost you more money in energy. Make it part of your housekeeping routine to ensure that these areas stay free from dust.

Use Nature

Something many of us should do more often is use nature when it comes to warming or cooling the home. Some homes are built in such a way that they are able to retain certain temperatures even when outside may look different. If the house is hot and there is a breeze then get those windows open, if it is cold out but the sun is shining then open up your curtains and let it in. We have a free energy provider right outside the window, be sure to use it.

The Kitchen

There is also a great deal which you can do in the kitchen when preparing food which can help you to save money on your energy bills. If boiling water just boils the amount you need and not too much, if cooking for one, then try to use a microwave rather than an oven, which will be far more energy-efficient.


As long as the weather is dry then you should try your best to dry clothes outside if possible. Even if the laundry isn’t completely dry, dry spinning the nearly-dry clothing will use far less energy than spinning completely wet clothing.

Make these small changes and you will feel the difference in your pocket.