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How Matthew Nickerson, Co-Founder & CEO of the Iconic Nutraceutical brand VASO6, Plans on Disrupting the Health Industry

Despite having 14 years of experience in the surgical fields of Orthopedic, Trauma, Pediatrics, General and Plastic surgery, Matthew Nickerson decided to change his career path in favor of embracing an entrepreneurial pursuit. At the age of 34, he decided to take the leap and not only changed his profession but also moved to Florida with absolutely no financial security or health insurance.  The University of South Florida Research Park and hometown to one of his fellow Co-Founders would be the base of operations for what the world would come to know as VASO6. 

His only asset was his strong will to succeed. For him, there was no going back to the old life. His goal wasn’t to chase dollars, rather he wanted to build something from scratch that would earn him a living, while bringing value to all living creatures throughout the world. With his mentor and business partner Mike Sperduti & Co-Founder JR Huddleston by his side, Matthew successfully co-created VASO6 using both his academic and athletic background. This patented green tea performance extract was a proprietary blend of gallate-enhanced oligomers derived from green tea leaf. It was a highly concentrated preponderance of bioactive catechins, which made for optimized physical output and increased health benefits. 

Matthew believes that the most rewarding part of creating VASO6 is to witness someone else’s health and wellness journey and knowing he played a role in it. “Having my VASO6 add value to another people’s health, and oftentimes fitness journey is one of the greatest privileges in my life,” says Matthew, “and occupying a front-row seat to their passion and enthusiasm as they achieve their health and wellness goals will never get old for me.” 

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He also published a human peer-reviewed study – the first ever to demonstrate that green tea-based supplements could enhance localized blood flow in humans following a post resistance exercise bout. (

This body of VASO6 research included significant pre-clinical and pilot human and animal studies as well as human proteomics data, all supporting the overwhelming demand for the benefits that were a result of VASO6. 

Currently, VASO6 is present in a multitude of different markets with distribution spanning over 47 different countries. Markets of particular interest for continued research & commercialization in VASO6 include men’s health, energy, weight loss, brain health, functional food for humans and animals, etc. All of which, Matthew plans to study and explore wherever the science leads him and his team. He further wishes to create more solutions to different ailments and spread health, happiness, and wellness all over the world; and by the looks of the global landscape he’s off to a great start.

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