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Bob Mangat Works Only Fifteen Hours A Week While Seeing Revenues At An All-Time High!

When he was twenty-one, Bob Mangat dropped out of college and started working in real estate to make an income. He began subletting two-bedroom units to international students and through the profit earned from it, he saved up enough money to invest in real estate. 

Initially, he would buy future projects, hold them, and then resell them when they were finally built. After a bunch of successful ventures in the marketing aspect of the real estate business, Bob went on to open his brokerage and was met with immense success. However, the downside to this success was the hit that Bob’s personal life took.

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In the few years that he worked in the real estate company, Bob had almost no time to spend with his family, causing rifts between him and his wife. Seeing this, someone who had seen his parents work impossible hours – he knew that he couldn’t have a recap of that with his children. Even though he was providing his family with all their material needs, they still lacked the most important thing – his presence. 

Soon Bob Mangat decided to switch to internet marketing and went on to set up InvigoMEDIA. This company works on helping medical practitioners grow their clinics through a comprehensive range of marketing and web services. For example, InvigoMEDIA is single-handedly assisting businesses in the medical industry to thrive on the Internet. Within two years of InvigoMEDIA’s inception, Mangat surpassed all expectations! Then came EverGenius®, a software that optimizes client relationships. With EverGenius®, every function can be controlled and coordinated from one place, a simple scoreboard like the dashboard, making marketing, scheduling, and safeguarding much easier! Bob believes that a software like this can make running a business and carrying out essential functions much more comfortable for a business, while being easy on the pocket as well! Mangat claims that his mission is to help a million small business owners build a business of their dreams without being overwhelmed by the technology these days.

Bob’s main priority is his family. Which is why he has made sure that his business doesn’t require an insane amount of time from him. Despite being part of the two comma club, he works only fifteen hours a week – and spends the rest of his time with his wife and two kids. After spending almost two decades in the marketing industry Mangat has perfected a system of work that allows him to maintain his priorities which is a true benchmark of success!

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