How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

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Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay 

Every Moment Counts

It is just as vital for you to come up with quality content and remove anything you feel doesn’t make your content better. This implies that you should be choosy when picking clips for your final cut. Select only the best shots to grab the attention and interest of your viewers throughout your whole video. Always do away with moments of dead air.

Once you have gained a huge YouTube following, you may have leeway to add some artsy or derisory shots. Even so, you should think like the viewer and imagine what they’d love to watch. Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes.

Use Simple Editing Software

You don’t necessarily need to use advanced software such as Final Cut Pro since you are in video creation to edit your content. Using such software may not translate to an improvement in your content. This more so applies if you’re having trouble adapting to the software in the beginning weeks.

You should consider using simple programs such as Apple iMovie or Windows Movie Maker if you are a rookie in video editing. These programs are available for free and are easy to use. You’ll find it easier to operate these programs as a beginner.

Video Optimization

Video optimization is another secret to increasing content visibility. This can significantly help your content rank on YouTube. Ensure you enter a great, descriptive title for your video while uploading it that users may be more likely to type in the search bar. Always ensure you include your key phrases or main keywords in the title. For instance, “Hawaii Birthday Travel Vlog 2018” is a better title compared to “Hawaii Here We Go!”

Using relevant tags is essential in putting your content under various related categories. If you are unsure, check out your competitors’ videos to see the tags they have used for similar videos. Lastly, come up with an excellent description of around 200 words, including long-tail keyword variations, target keywords, and synonyms. A perfect description helps your viewers find out what the videos are about and enables you to improve your video rank in SERPs (search engine result pages). Viewers can easily find you on search engines.

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Build a Strong Network

YouTube isn’t classified as a social networking platform. Nonetheless, the site is all about sharing, collaborating, and connections amongst its users. This warrants the creation of a network for you to achieve success. In the YouTube community, collaborations have shown that creators can gain exposure with one another’s subscribers. This helps in channel growth and building a more extensive subscriber base.

Contact other creators to make friends. Don’t shy away from reaching out to larger YouTubers for inquiries about future collaborations. This may feel intimidating, but a journey of a thousand miles starts with one stride. You’ve got nothing to lose, so try!

Interact with Your Viewers

As time passes, you’ll gain more followers. Your fans will start posting comments on your videos. Later, you’ll receive messages on your personal media accounts. If you’ve shared your P.O. box, you may be lucky enough to receive some fan mail. Always take time to interact with your viewers. Don’t forget that your social media accounts are part of your YouTube channel. Always try sharing your life’s tidbits on social media sites like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. You should read through all messages, tweets, and comments and provide feedback (as much as you can).

Your subscribers can find out more about you from such interactions. Additionally, connecting with your viewers can help you boost online sociability and create a sense of community. Your viewers shouldn’t just enjoy your content but also like you as well as your channel’s entire experience.

You can get ideas for fresh content when you interact with your viewers. And to say the least, these interactions can provide inspiration through challenging times of channel growth and sustainability. You can have peace of mind by interacting with viewers who enjoy your content.

Disregard Any Negative Feedback

No one is loved by everyone. Always prepare for negative feedback regardless of whether your channel is small or big. YouTube is filled with lots of users camouflaging in blank avatars, ready to bash you. People will always throw in negative comments. Let them not deter you.

Don’t worry about those you can’t please. Don’t let it get to your head. Focus on the people who love your content and appreciate what you do. Draw strength from these viewers to overcome any negativity you may be facing. Always strive to push forward and create content for those who love it

Post Content Regularly

Continuity is critical when uploading content. Regardless of how imperfect you think your content may be, always make an effort to upload it, just like in podcasting.

Some channels post their videos either once or twice a week. The owners of these YouTube channels make an effort to notify their viewers when to expect the next video (typically during the end of every video). Viewers get ready for fresh content through such updates. Such a channel has a great chance of having a steady flow of views, more so if it has many active subscribers. Always stick to a schedule that works for you. Within no time, you’ll start improving and getting more views. Please don’t make it a habit to post videos randomly or go without posting for an extended period.