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Recently I heard of a woman in the greater Los Angeles area who had earned a remarkable reputation as one of the most effective and compelling instructors in the art of greater health, better movement and far less pain through her own style and application of yoga. joga, kinesiology and exercise physiology.

She is the founder and owner of both Champion Pilates and Body by Jessica and her client list is filled with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. I very much wanted to meet this lady, Jessica Schatz, and learn more of her professional life as a preeminent health and fitness coach, a subject long dear to me.

We decided to meet at the Chado Tea Room, the perfect place located right next to the main door of the Dolby Theatre where once every year the Hollywood elite show up to participate in the great celebration of Oscar. Chado Tea Room is also a perfect spot for anyone who enjoys great tea and well prepared and mostly very healthy food.

I arrived early as is my habit but not long after so did the very lovely Jessica Schatz, the Core Expert and personal trainer to A list movie stars and NBA players. We ordered some hibiscus tea and began our chat.

From a very young age Jessica Schatz had been fascinated with movement. She began to dance and soon became professionally engaged on stage in various productions in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Today she is far too busy to resume theatre work but she does train one of the cast members of Hamilton currently at the Pantages Theatre.

Jessica’s philosophy is founded on the belief that everyone has the opportunity to live a better life. Her goal is to give each client the power to shape their lives from the inside out starting with the core and then connecting mind, body and spirit.

But beyond the obvious connection with movie stars and professional athletes, Jessica Schatz reaches out to many people including one elderly gentleman she holds very dear to her heart. This particular gentleman suffers from Parkinson’s disease, a horrible disease for which there is no known cure and which gets progressively worse over time. So Jessica makes no claim of curing the man, but it makes her extremely happy to see him in much less pain than when she first started working with him. Sadly yes the Parkinson’s remains but today with less pain and far better movement, a very powerful benefit for a now much happier man.

As Jessica continued to tell me about her work and philosophy I thoroughly enjoyed her soothing voice that delivered her very important message. I also enjoyed with great humor the actions of s small group of tourists that had entered the tea room. When they saw Jessica they became very excited and started talking gleefully amongst themselves and then they started taking a few photographs of Jessica.

She didn’t notice any of it I am certain, but it brought amusement to me so in the end it was a perfect moment. A brilliant and beautiful lady, excellent tea and superb light snack, a focus on great health and wellbeing sprinkled with a fun dose of humor all taking place at a world renowned location.

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