John Eilermann St Louis on Why Travel Has No time Limit

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For my long time friend John Eilermann St Louis has been the place where he was born, grew up, married, settled down and stayed for his entire life, and even win terms of travel he has generally stayed local. I on the other hand have extensively traveled and whilst there are certain aspects of John’s life which I am slightly envious of, I always wanted him to come on the road with me and hit some sights around the world. John’s response when I first asked him was that we were too old, a common phrase I hear which to be honest, grinds my gears a little. I eventually convinced John and we have since been on some fabulous adventures, proving those foolish people who think that travel has an age limit, very wrong indeed.


I think that the main reason why people believe that travel has an age limit is because they envisage young people at the Full Moon party, half-naked and partying until the sun rises. Now I may certainly be a little too old to do that but travel is not about partying, travel is about discovery and the truth is that if you do put an age limit on discovery, well you may as well put a fork in us at 40, as will all be done.


Travel is actually better when you are older and there are a number of reasons why, one of the main reasons that I love to travel is that it has been riven to be very good for one’s health. Studies have shown that people who continue to travel as they get older have a far higher chance of living longer and their probabilities of contract degenerative disease is also significantly lower.

Meeting People

Travel is an amazing way of meeting new people and the first thing that you think when you do meet new people is never ‘how old is this person’ you just meet and talk and if you get on then great. This is why it is not important how old you are, if you have a passion for travel or you want to explore somewhere new then you should just go ahead and do it.


Traveling when you are young is amazing but they do not have exclusive rights on who can and can’t travel, and that is why people who are older should always ignore those foolish naysayers, pack up the suitcase and venture off to see the world. Travel gets better as you get older, you have more time, you have less pressure, generally speaking, you have more money to travel more comfortably and you take the time to really drink in the experiences and the activities which you are doing whilst you are on the road.

It is up to all of us to ignore this notion that you cannot travel beyond a certain age.


Feature Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay