LA Is Being Ravaged by Wildfires  

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The LA area has long been the focus of wildfires. In large part, this is due to the dry climate and plentiful fuel sources. Sadly, the fires are continuing. Even during the summer of 2020, fires have been spreading quickly. While some people might be surprised to hear about what is happening in LA, the reality is that this is becoming commonplace. Now, there is a fire in LA that has been burning for days. This is where people need to rely on the guidance of California Fire Watch Guard Services. They have the ability to prevent these fires from burning people’s homes and businesses.

To date, the fire has consumed more than 26,000 acres. The authorities have indicated that they expect these fires to spread even more. They have consumed the resources of more than 260 engines as firefighters try to figure out how they are going to contain the blaze. They are even using helicopters and airplanes that are dumping water on the fires from the air. The bad news is that the fires have already consumed one home and the blaze is only contained by five percent. Therefore, more than 8,000 people have been evacuated to make sure they don’t get caught in the blaze.

One of the biggest reasons why these blazes are becoming more common has to do with climate change. The temperatures are higher in the modern era than they were in the past. As a result, the barrier to a fire starting is much lower today than it has been in the past. For this reason, the fire that LA is currently battling is a common problem. Sadly, this doesn’t make the fire any easier to contain.

It is important for everyone to listen to the evacuation orders when it comes to wildfires in LA. The fires in the LA area can spread without warning. While some people might think that their homes have been designed to withstand the force of the blaze, this is not the case. These fires dwarf wildfires that have taken place in the past. They are consuming entire forests, so everyone has to ensure they keep themselves and their family members safe.

There are steps that everyone can take to reduce the frequency of wildfires. This involves reducing their carbon footprint. First, everyone has to take steps to reduce their fuel consumption. This means carpooling and ridesharing when possible. Furthermore, when people are looking for a new car, they need to purchase a gas-efficient vehicle. There are even electric vehicles that do not use gas at all. Finally, there are also tax incentives that people can use when they invest in solar energy. This can go a long way toward reducing electric bills while also reducing the carbon footprint of a home. In the meantime, everyone has to listen to the evacuation orders from local government officials.


Feature Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Photo: Rim Fire, Calif. 2013, Mike McMillan-USFS