Jonathan Diaz Weighs In On Why Humans Are Better Than Bots For Leads Qualification

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These days, chatbots have almost become the norm when it comes to customer service. It isn’t too surprising that these automated solutions have become so popular. After all, they can help companies to slash the cost of providing customer service by as much as 30%.

However, they certainly aren’t the most appropriate or most effective solution in every case, and Jonathan Diaz, entrepreneur and lead generation expert, believes that they’re unlikely to make human interaction redundant any time soon.

A recent survey showed that almost half of all UK respondents and about 40% of all American respondents said they’d prefer speaking with a human than a chatbot, and when it comes to lead qualification, Jonathan Diaz believes that the human touch couldn’t be more important.

Is There A Place For Chatbots?

Although Diaz is adamant that chatbots shouldn’t replace human agents completely, that doesn’t mean he thinks they have no place at all in the modern world of business. In fact, he thinks that sometimes chatbots can fill a useful gap in the market.

Many eCommerce brands today have begun to use chatbots for selling products – after all, they’re never offline, so they can carry on selling products even if agents aren’t available.

With modern technology, chatbots are even able to craft responses to suit the customer’s answers so that they can sell products that suit each customer’s individual needs while delivering interactions that feel more personalized and, so, less automated. However, the fact remains that they are far from a perfect alternative to a real person.

The Importance Of The Human Touch

83% of all consumers have said that they’d prefer interaction with a human over any digital channel when trying to resolve a customer service issue. Chatbots can usually only operated using a limited database, so improvising is impossible. This is something that human agents excel in.

If there’s a complex issue to deal with, bots often fail to resolve the matter, and their failure to give an appropriate response often only serves to frustrate customers. For this reason, Diaz says that customer-facing bots should be used carefully or the customer’s overall experience can be negatively impacted and the reputation of the company can suffer.

When it comes to lead nurturing, Diaz believes that human interaction is even more important. Leads need undivided and detailed attention and that’s something that only a human can give. One-to-one conversations with human agents are the best way to nurture prospects and help to move them down the sales funnel towards conversion.

The Affordability Problem Of Lead Nurturing

Although it’s clear that humans really need to be in charge of the lead nurturing process, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that so many companies are turning to automated, chatbot solutions instead. After all, they’re far more affordable, and that’s something that’s incredibly important to cash-strapped businesses today.

To maximize the potential of lead nurturing, businesses need a whole team of employees to get the job done properly and that can be extremely expensive. This is where Jonathan Diaz believes his Rocket Dyno solution can help.

Rocket Dyno is a real human lead nurturing solution that is extremely cost-effective and proven to be efficient. Rather than relying on bots and robo-dialers, his company uses genuine human agents to connect with leads and prospects so that they can be directly qualified.

Even better, Rocket Dyno supplies companies with a full team to support their lead generation and nurturing efforts. For the price of a single employee, the company supplies an appointment setter, graphics designer, copywriter, ad manager and project manager to take on the task on behalf of the business.

It may sound too good to be true, but in fact Diaz’s service has already shown itself to be a success. In just six months, the company scaled past 300,000 annual recurring revenue and has already worked with some big-name organizations like Farmers Insurance.

“I established Rocket Dyno as a simpler and more cost-effective way for companies to generate and nurture leads.” Diaz says. “Our expert media buyers team have managed more than $20 million in advertising spend, and they have the necessary skills to create, manage and optimize lead generation for companies of all kinds.”

Rocket Dyno’s service doesn’t stop after connecting with leads – the company also offers a 24/7 long-term lead nurturing service, continuing to pursue leads for as long as 6 months for maximum impact.

“Our mission is to make life easier for companies in today’s stressful business world,” Diaz says. “By creating this affordable solution, we aim to reduce the workload for businesses while also increasing their profitability and boosting their long-term growth. We believe that the key to that is real human interaction, and that’s why we only use human agents for a personal connection with prospects.”

So far, it’s a strategy that is proving to be extremely successful.