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Village Building’ for the past 30 years and counting.

Julie Spencer Washington is a woman, mother, wife, daughter, friend, and executive who appears strong and confident. The veteran executive reveals how the presence of God has impacted her self-awareness, her interpersonal relationships, and nearly all significant decisions in her life.

On this Mother’s Day, she is noting that the support of her family and loved ones is of paramount importance in her life. Not taking anything for granted, Spencer Washington is counting her blessings.

Spencer Washington took some time out of her busy schedule to speak with veteran journalist Germany Kent to discuss recent milestones, philosophies on family, making a difference, and her ever-evolving leadership. Spencer Washington has been named by Savoy Magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America.

Spencer Washington’s extensive career expands decades developing, creating, and leading in major household name companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nestle Purina, and others.

Spencer Washington cherishes her family and is committed to not only helping her three children thrive and become productive citizens, but shares the same dedication and commitment to helping others nationwide.

“I am blessed beyond measure. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband and loving family who supports me and my career. We are a very intentional family, so things don’t just happen by chance. You have to show up and be ready for when life opens a door,” said Spencer Washington.

As a respected leader with a positive and proactive approach, Spencer Washington currently sits at the helm as the executive vice president, chief marketing, communications and experience officer at Trinity Health.

“It is my honor to serve with colleagues at Trinity Health in providing equal access, treatment and care,” said Spencer Washington.

“As a Black woman, as an executive, as a leader in my community, who has decided to be the best I can be, I understand that I have a responsibility to give back. Too much is given, much is required,“ said Spencer Washington.

In addition to her stellar career, Spencer Washington has for decades been a passionate advocate for mentoring, serves on various boards, and a comprehensive array of support services spearheading community action.

“It is up to us to be the changemakers. I’m excited and passionate to be a driving force to advance health equity through advocacy and outreach,” said Spencer Washington.

Spencer Washington has received numerous accolades for her work. Last month, she was honored for Black excellence by (BDO) at the 9th Annual Blacks in Healthcare Awards. BDO is the world’s largest and most comprehensive online health resource specifically targeted to African Americans.

“BDO offers culturally relevant solutions and is the leading health destination for Blacks. I am honored and humbled to have been selected among the 2024 fifteen honorees for the leadership, work and impact we have had in healthcare. I take pride in joining others to celebrate Black excellence,” said Spencer Washington.

The multi-award winning executive is actively engaged with strategic leadership in marketing, communications, customer experiences, and philanthropy. The cultural and societal influences of Spencer Washington have been vast. She is a frequent speaker and contributor to national conventions and has become a voice for empowering women and girls.

“God is so amazing and allows me to have the platform to help others and I could not be more grateful,” said Spencer Washington.

Ariel Davis, a healthcare strategy leader, praised Spencer Washington for her leadership. “Julie Spencer Washington has been such a strong supporter of me and my career since we first met four years ago. She is easy to admire with her overwhelming impact in the patient experience and healthcare industry,” said Davis. “Thank you for all that you do [Julie].”

Earlier this month, Spencer Washington was invited to collaborate with a star-studded lineup of speakers in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Qualtrics X4 summit.

Most notably, Spencer Washington was entrusted with the great honor of introducing former first Lady Michelle Obama at the summit, in the company of 10,000 people at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Of that experience, Spencer Washington said humbly, “I had the opportunity to introduce Mrs. Obama at a conference. I spent just a short time with her. I spent the most time with Dwyane Wade.”

For the record, NBA Hall of Famer, Olympic gold medalist and three-time NBA champion Wade is a part-owner of the Utah Jazz.

Spencer Washington said she did not get to where she is by chance. “You have to be able to invest in yourself. I earn everything that I have. You cannot out hustle me. I will do what it takes to deliver what I promise, my grandmother taught me that,“ said Spencer Washington.

Conversely, Spencer Washington says she learned a great deal about women’s empowerment from her mother. “My mother is my greatest inspiration. I want the world to know how much love she has and it has been something great for me.”

In 2022, Spencer Washington and her mother Sulie Gooden Spencer co-authored the book Recipes for Joyous Living: A Story of Inspiration.

Eddie Becton, a professor at Loyola Marymount University and Morehouse College, says of the book, “Historically, in the Black community, food reflects hope, family, community, and liberation. Recipes for Joyous Living is the essence of capturing our history, through stories and recipes, while transmitting knowledge to future generations.”

Becton, who has over twenty years of experience as a writer, producer, broadcaster, and concert organizer, also says of the book, “Enjoy the lessons therein, but most importantly, enjoy the soul.”

Spencer Washington believes that her most important work is yet to come. “I lean heavily on the first affirmation poem my mom gave to me when I was in middle school. The poem is entitled ‘Don’t Quit.‘ ” The executive sends a message to other working mothers about finding balance, “Rest if you must, but don’t you quit,” an excerpt from “my favorite poem,” said Spencer Washington.

These days Spencer Washington only has time for positive affirmations and remaining persistent in her craft. Her commitment remains on helping others and being a vessel of peace, joy and contentment. “It’s just really important that we know that when we empower others that leads to a village being empowered.”

The versatile executive said “God is good,” and that she stands ready to be of service, to assist, and be supportive of others. “Praise God. May he continue to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that either of us can ask or think throughout this next year,” said Spencer Washington.

Additionally, Spencer Washington says it is important for others to find a career that suits them so that they too can create lasting change.

“My leadership is deliberate. As a Black woman, this has been one of the most affirming experiences that I’ve had, to be able to have influence that creates a safe space for others. Most of what I do is to focus on what’s important and that is health and wellness,” said Spencer Washington.

“Somebody is counting on me to show up. As long as I have a platform to do so, I will continue to support the holistic health and healing of our families and communities.”

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