L.A. Art Show

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This weekend marked the 19th annual LA Art Show.

The LA Art show featured over 100 participating galleries from all over the world. The show was divided into four major sections: the Modern and Contemporary section, the Historic and Traditional Contemporary section, the Vintage Poster section, and the IFPDA Los Angeles Print Fair. There was also an accompanying Jewelry, Antique and Design show that featured Treasures of the Maya Spirit, an exhibition of rare Mayan art.

There were talks, ceremonies, and galas throughout the weekend.

A few highlights were:

Ace Gallery’s display of large, colorful sculptures and paintings such as Gary Lang’s “Susumas” demanded the attention of patrons as they entered the show (shown above).

The Littletopia exhibit, a collaboration of eleven galleries curated by the Red Truck Gallery of New Orleans had a collection of modern pieces with surreal and neo-folk elements. Scott Radke’s “Swan” scultpures, displayed by Culver City’s Thinkspace Gallery had an otherworldly feel to them.


Arcadia Gallery of New York had a display of elegant modern works such as Michael Carson’s “Before the Show.”

3-Before the Show

Coagula Gallery of Los Angeles had a mixture of pieces that included an array of Carol Sears paintings

4-Carol Sears

Salvation by Cindy Jackson was a sculptural exhibit featuring human forms covered in designer logos locked in a physical struggle.


Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts artist Eddie Rehm’s “Domestic Belligerence for Posterity” was part of a thought-provoking, in-your-face installation.

6-Domestic Belligerence

There were also some amazing international displays at the show.

Wang Dalong’s bronze sculpture “The Game” was brought to the US from Bei Jing’s Lin Yueqi as part of the 186 Project (a cross-cultural art exchange between China and the United States).

7-The Game

Choi Jeong Hwa’s installation curated by the Korea Connection was a colorful and elegant display.


Los Angeles definitely continues to hold its own as a global center for the Arts. If this weekend was any indicator of things to come, 2014 is going to be an exciting year!

(All photos by Cat Doss)