Liberalism Holds Us Back

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Recently I read that the Los Angeles Unified School District is considering a program where they would provide dinners for kids. This is a perfect example of why liberalism is not conducive to allowing a nation to move forward.

Liberalism, the belief that the state can provide everything to everyone at the cost of taxpayer money, never works over the long haul. In fact, it only enables behaviors in citizens who already fail to advance our society by bailing them out for their inability to be successfully contributing citizens.

We already have too many parents who view our public schools as a source of free child rearing and not as a path toward a better life. Southern California is littered with these kinds of school districts. Too many have 80 percent or more of their kids on free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs. These same kids are then enrolled in a free after school programs where once again these kids are fed. Now we are going to toss in dinner. What’s next, lullabies and a warm bed?

Meanwhile, who pays the cost for all of this? It begins with hard working citizens who pay taxes for programs that do nothing for their own children because these parents make a point of meeting the needs of the kids they bring into this world. No one rewards these parents with a pay raise when they have another child, usually one or two because they cannot afford any more, but they get to pay for the kids a sixteen year old has and the additional three or four that follow while living off of government assistance, which, by the way, pays them more for each kid they pump out.

It’s time this stops. It’s time to take a different approach. Rather than rewarding ill-equipped parents for bringing in additional children, ones who will have a dysfunctional up bringing as their model for normalcy, we need to do the opposite. Lets pay a generation of dead beats to not have children. Lets pay them to have vasectomies or to get their tubes tied. Allow them the choice, make more money not to have kids you can’t care for let alone not know how to love, or get nothing from the government in return if you do.

In 20-25 years time, we will see a huge improvement in society. There will be fewer kids from horrific backgrounds bleeding the system. These are the kids who studies show are more likely to have health problems, learning disabilities, and end up in our prison system. They come in all colors but have one thing in common: they are the children of parents who never had any business bringing kids into the world because they were unable to love and care for them.

It is not the role of government to reward negative behavior. It is not the role of government to add to societies problems. However, when bleeding hearts take the approach that it is okay to take the hard earned money of others who are the backbone of a productive and successful society to care for those who will give nothing back in return, they are the ones who are destroying our future.

Our public schools were never meant to be glorified day care centers for parents too busy to raise their own children or too strung out on dope to feed and clothe them. However, our leaders lack the courage to tell these people what they need to hear so they figure they will keep throwing more money at more programs that will result in more of the wrong people bringing kids into this world while the ones who are best equipped decide, “What’s the point of bringing a kid into such a screwed up world?”

This is not a school problem. It is a philosophical one. Liberals believe it is the responsibility of others to take care of anyone and everyone at the expense of the happiness and well being of contributing taxpayers. It is this “It Takes A Village” philosophy that is killing this nation and preventing us from moving forward into the 21st century. It’s why you see our president proposing one program after another built around punishing taxpayers in order to reward those who only take and never give back.

Pay people who suck the system dry to not have children. It will lead to more affordable healthcare for taxpayers who will no longer have to flip the bill for the lazy. It will lead to a drop in crime and our prison population when there are fewer kids who “slip through the cracks.” It will mean less money spent on government assistance and more funds available for programs that benefit taxpayers. It means a return to the ideals of “It takes loving parents who are there for their kids to raise a kid,” instead of the idea it is okay for anyone and everyone to mass produce children who are set up to fail the moment they come into this world.

It takes money to raise a kid, not a village. You do not have to be wealthy, you just have to have your act together so you can meet their basic needs; food, clothing, rent, and time to give them love and attention.

However, as long as this liberal mind set of taxing others to take care of the “less fortunate” continues, we will see more and more “less fortunate.” Then what happens? Who pays the taxes when there is no longer a tax base? Who does the work when no one has been asked to work a day in their life? They are not less fortunate when all their needs are met without having to give back. They are the fortunate.

The next time you hear a liberal tout things like health care, day care, college, or life in general should be free, they are telling you they oppose the concepts of hard work, sacrifice, and the concept of a good work ethic. To them, life should just be one long recess without any expectations placed on the individual.

It does not take a village to raise a kid, but a few liberals can destroy the future of a great nation.