Liverpool’s chances in 2017-18

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Liverpool had and exceptional 2016-17 season. A return to the top four and a Champions League spot have left the fans frothing for what could be Liverpool’s most intriguing competitive season since 2009-10. With a strong start to the new season under their belt, Liverpool looks to build on their early success and keep producing consistent performances.

The transfer window has closed, and to everyone’s surprise, the wonder boy Phillippe Coutinho has moved on to the allure of the Spanish league for a record transfer deal offered by Barcelona. Fans were puzzled by this move, particularly since Coutinho does not seem like a natural starter for Barcelona and may spend his time warming the bench. However, there are those that believe the Spanish club see potential in the rising star and aim to groom him into a regular starter.

Even with all the drama surrounding the transfer market and the endless news stories, Jurgen Klopp has managed to keep his composure and lead the team to victories in their first few games of the season. Their recent 4-2 win at Anfield against Hoffenheim has cemented their spot in the Champions league and announced their intentions for the coming European season ahead.

Klopp believes that the team needs to focus on creating more consistency this season. Traditionally, Liverpool has always experienced a pullback in performance after an exceptional season. Klopp aims to take that myth and denounce it.

Last season saw Klopp’s strategies begin to pay off as the team climbed the Barclays Premier League, giving title holders Chelsea their closest competition around the Christmas period. However, the strain of injuries and the loss of key players to the African Cup of Nations saw the team’s performance slump in the new year.

After rallying in the final games of the season to squeeze into fourth place and steal Arsenal’s chances of securing an eighteenth straight Champions League qualification. Liverpool faces a much more demanding season ahead of them in 2017-18. With Champions League football on the schedule, a relatively thin squad in midfield and central defense, fans are left wondering about the manager’s intentions.

The club failed to procure their top transfer targets as both the skills of Naby Keïta of RB Leipzig, and Monaco’s Kylian Mbappé are removed from the table. The manager remains confident that the team will continue their current run of good form and take well to the challenges of the Christmas schedule. The manager says he prefers to look ahead to the coming challenges, rather than focus on the volatility of the transfer market.

One thing is sure; the manager seems to have found a groove, and no quarrels are coming from the dressing room. The current squad is looking very settled on the pitch in their performance and are responding well to Klopp’s guidance.

The fans seem to enjoy Klopp’s strategy as well, with support for the German’s management style stronger than ever, even with the sale of Coutinho to Barcelona. Some say it was a stroke of genius that has left the club flush with cash to use when the January transfer window opens. Critics say that he has sold the best player and will need to rebuild, only time will tell.