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Stephen Varanko III – Why The Title Race Isn’t Over Just Yet 

My buddy Stephen Varanko III and I have been rung the EPL football podcast for many eras now and honestly, it is so rare that we actually agree on anything football related. Something which surprisingly we have both agreed on this week is that contrary to what many people think, this year’s Premier League is not going to be a straight shootout between Liverpool and Manchester City. Stephen first suggested this last week and I found myself in the strange position of completely agreeing with him, and here is exactly why. 


It can be easy to look at Liverpool who have lost just once this calendar year or to look at Man City as they set record after record and assume that it will continue, but history shows that this isn’t what happens. Liverpool, for example, have not had a significant injury for over a year, how long can that carry on? And how will that thin squad fair if Van Dijk is out for a couple of months? We have seen this with City as well, for all their pomp and glamor going forward, look how poor they are since America Laporte has been injured. Let’s not forget what an injury or a loss of confidence can do to a team. 


There will be some complacency which sets in to, and this has already happened with the fans. Liverpool are on top of the world after winning the Champions League, and they feel as though they can beat anyone on the planet. This confidence can quickly go too far and once a loss or two happens and the group is tested, will they be able to quickly revert back to winning ways, I think not. City, however, thrive on arrogance, but they too have already lost and drawn in just their first 7 games of the season, with some big matches still to play.

The Rest 

Chelsea and Spurs were widely touted as being the best of the rest as they were last year, and both have had faltering starts. With this being said however Chelsea are trying to work out their best 11 and Spurs have to 3 new signings who are going to light the league up once they get used to their team and the league. Expect both to finish strong in the second part of the season and out the pressure on those top 2. 

Smaller Teams

How refreshing it was to see Norwich have a go against Manchester City and end up with 3 points, something which we are seeing much more of this season. Last year teams played at home against City and Liverpool and tried to keep the score down, this season they fancy themselves and will have a go, something which will see those big 2 drop points which will end up making this league much more interesting in the long term. 

City or Liverpool may win, but it is no foregone conclusion.

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