COVID-19: Just like that it was over

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Trump was right. He told us months ago that somehow a day would come along and this virus would just disappear and what do you know? It’s gone. Another blip for the history books, that is if history is recorded anymore because for all I know, maybe it no longer exists.

If history does show anything, it will be two months will represent how long it takes to break the will of the American people. We don’t mind being inconvenienced as long as it does not include us directly. How else do you explain we don’t mind that we continue fighting two wars for nearly two decades halfway around the world at the cost of trillions of dollars? As long as we can get our hair cut, nails done, oil changed, and work at our mindless jobs that barely pay enough to live on, we are happy.

President Trump during one of his daily COVID-19 press rallies(YouTube)

COVID-19 is still out there and it is not going away any time soon. People are still dying at alarming rates, but as long as Trump and his people stop talking about it, the media seems all too willing to oblige. Who cares if the death toll is 75,000 and rising? Who cares if scientists are warning the second wave is going to hit harder than the first? What matters is the NFL is up and running, businesses are opening, and Americans are excited to get back to life as we knew it, even if it all adds up to more lives being shortened.

In another two months, which is about how long it will take Americans to get sick of their underpaying jobs, think of ancient history. Think about how we once applauded our states leaders for doing what our president did not have the balls to do; make difficult decisions. You see, their hands will still be dirty from the mess he has Purelled  himself of. Be glad you will be too busy to have nothing to do than to listen to his daily boastings about being a wartime president. In another two months, those boastings will be about how he delivered for the nation as he promised.

Fake news will be filled with stories reminding us of his bungling this virus from the start and then passing the buck to governors. Corporate profits will not matter so much because corporate heads were rewarded by a president who saw to their needs. You will be powerless to sue your boss for making you report back to work and failing to provide for your health and safety. Our Attorney General (William Barr) will continue to have no regard for American law and rights, a cute blonde will stand before the press and tell daily lies and call them facts, and most of us alive and healthy will be up to our ears in unpaid bills.

From the 2016 MLB All-Star Game at Petco Park in San Diego (Claudia Gestro)

In two months, about the time Major League Baseball would normally be playing their All Star game, we will be on to more important things than COVID-19. All those shiny new products we have done without for two months will flood the market and we will be jonesing for them like we once craved toilet paper. We will be more annoyed by the guy sitting near us at the beach smoking a cigarette than the people who are not wearing a face mask because who wants to be bothered by a strange tan line?

Those with a sense of humor will laugh with friends at backyard cookouts where everyone drinks Corona beers. Those more subdued will avoid it because the beer is just a sad reminder of a time long ago when our livelihood was threatened. Thankfully, we survived it before anyone who knows us saw our true hair color.

Murdering hornets, murdering racists, and murdering gang bangers will be reminders why we must re-elect our wartime president because his great work is not over. Besides, how can we ever support a liberal rapist who served as the Vice President to the man who unleashed all this shit before leaving office for our next president?

Looking forward to the day we can all crowd into the local Costco to binge shop for toilet paper again (Claudia Gestro)

In fact, there may be cause to believe he was in cahoots with the Chinese to influence the fall elections by unleashing a virus specifically created to kill God loving Christian Republicans. It’s why we must close down the post office so we can’t vote by mail. We should all have to vote as we once did in our heyday, the 1950s.

Who cares if the old, the sick, the poor, and most of all minorities are likely not to be able to vote? They don’t matter. In fact, maybe we should support our fearless wartime leader and demand the election be cancelled in the name of preserving our democracy.

Yep, it is over, just like that. Fortunately, the America we have always known, valued, and fought for has preserved.

It’s a beautiful day outside. A great day to go play golf, enjoy a few drinks with some friends, and maybe even find time to kill a young black man out for a jog. We won the war and America lives on. And for this, we have ourselves and our will to persevere to be thankful for.

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany