Los Angeles rooftop is the great escape

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The Hollywood Sign from the rooftop. (Photo by Kyle Levy)
The Hollywood Sign from the rooftop.
(Photo by Kyle Levy)

One of my favorite things about living in southern California is the weather. For example, it’s the middle of the day in February and my iPhone says it’s 77°f right now in LA. Normally on a day like this I would be searching for something to do until I had to go to work later. I mean, why waste such a beautiful day hanging out in my tiny cramped apartment?

Well as of yesterday, that won’t be a problem. Why, you may ask? I’d be happy to tell you! The amazing new property managers of the building that I live in have opened up the roof. I can now use it anytime I want, and it’s absolutely amazing!

For one thing the building is fairly tall so the roof gets maximum sun exposure. That’s right. I’m laying in the sun, getting a tan and writing this all at the same time. Something about laying out in the sun has always been incredibly relaxing for me. There is even a faint but pleasant breeze occasionally.

Also, because the building is tall enough there is a great view up here! The entirety of Downtown Los Angeles is visible from one corner, depending on smog levels of course. The panoramic view of the hills offers the Griffith Observatory, majestic in its grand solace.

That's the Paramount Studios water tower on the right. (Photo by Kyle Levy)
That’s the Paramount Studios water tower on the right.
(Photo by Kyle Levy)

The Hollywood sign is also visible and is as cool as ever. From one side you can see the big famous Paramount Studios just a few blocks from me on Melrose. Signifying the studio is its figurehead, the giant water tower clearly visible with a backdrop of large mansions built into the hills.

One of the very best things about the roof is that there are walls all the way around it. They’re not too high as to block out the sun, but just high enough to keep my dog safe and secure within the area. Alfie and I now have a place to go where he can play outside and not get into trouble! For those of you who don’t own a dog, this is a goldmine. He gets to run off his extra energy, and I get a tan. The cool part is that we actually get to spend more time together now as well.

The author (R) and his friend David. (Photo by Kyle Levy)
The author (R) and his friend David.
(Photo by Kyle Levy)

While I will obviously be spending more time up here during the day, I came up last night to show my friends David and Ian the view. At night the city is stunning! Absolutely beautiful. It’s one of my favorite times to find good views of the city. There’s something about the twinkling of the lights that gets me. It probably has something to do with growing up out in the country. We never had city lights to gaze at all night long, although there was always the stars. That’s something you realize you miss once you leave the city at night.

This is totally a place I could see myself hanging out. Yesterday was a free day for me, so my friend David and I came up here and laid out in the sun all afternoon. Alfie came up here with us so he got to have time outside of the apartment. We drank and ate so much! We had a cooler with ice, a bottle of vodka and one of scotch and some tunes coming out of my phone.

The Griffith Observatory (Photo by Kyle Levy)
The Griffith Observatory
(Photo by Kyle Levy)

All that lounging around all day was so exhausting that we had to take a nap afterwards! It was so relaxing and pleasant. There was no one else up here to bother us so it was peaceful too.

Perhaps that is what truly intrigues me about the roof. It’s large and fairly quiet, basic city noises aside, and it’s a place to come and get away.

I’m still in the middle of the city right now, but in a way it feels as if I’m in my own private world at the same time. Rural living in no way appeals to me in any sort of permanent sense, but I understand those who do enjoy it. Sometimes, it’s really nice to let the noise and energy of the city melt away. Laying in the sun, with the wind in my face, and my iTunes going is how I intend to escape. How will you?