Main reasons married couples divorce

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Divorce is more common than ever before, with the rate as high as 60% in some US counties. This has a lot to do with the fact that divorce is more accepted these days than ever before, as well as the fact that it is cheaper and easier to go through the process.

But what are the reasons behind divorce? What is causing a divide between modern married couples?

After all, while divorce is a good option to take if things go wrong, when you consider the harm that it can do the individuals financially (when you factor in a divorce lawyer, a child custody attorney and a splitting of assets) as well as the psychological damage it could do to the children involved, it’s definitely something that should be avoided if possible and finding the root cause is the first step to avoiding it.

Time Management

Couples who spend time together tend to stay together more than those who don’t. The more time you spend away, the more distant you will become.

But on the flip side, couples also need some alone time. That’s why there tends to be a higher rate of divorce with people who live together and work together. And if you throw kids into the mix, making any alone time they have stressful and all about someone else, then communication and connections begin to break down.


Couples need to be intimate to stay together. Everyone needs that in their life and if they can’t get it from the one they are with they may be more inclined to look elsewhere.

That’s why relationships are more prone to breaking down when there is little to no intimacy, whether because one of the couples works away for long periods of time, or because they spend all of their time raising children.


It’s something that shouldn’t have an impact and something that we all like to think we are bigger and better than, but financial difficulty can have a massive impact on a marriage.

It causes arguments, it creates stress, and it stops the couple from relaxing as they usually would. It doesn’t matter how close you are to your partner and how connected your finances are, if you are worried about paying bills and you’re concerned about every penny that comes in and goes out, then it can make you feel lonely. It breeds paranoia, anger, stress, and that can cause marriages to break down.

Temptation and Trust

Relationships don’t always need to have problems in order to breakdown. People fall out of love with the ones they are with, they fall in love with others, or they just do something that causes their partner to lose trust in them.

This is more common in this interconnected world, where dating sites like eHarmony, Tinder and more have made it so much easier for people to meet and be unfaithful. And when that happens, it only makes sense that the other person in the marriage would want to seek divorce.

And rightly so.

One stat suggests that a third of all married people cheat, with more men admitting to it than women. But that’s the key word here, because if they don’t admitit then it won’t go down as a statistic, so we will never know the true number.