Martin O’Malley stands with Water Protectors

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WASHINGTON – Native American tribes joined Peace & Justice communities from around the country Friday to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

Despite periods of rain and some light snow, about 1,000 protestors gathered at 10 a.m. in front of the main office of the Army Corps of Engineers. Then, they marched about two miles to the White House.

The focus of their protest action was to stop the Dakota Access Pipe Line #NODAPL from being built.

At Lafayette Park in front of the White House, the protestors set up a speakers’ stand. Meanwhile, in front of the White House, supporters of their cause peacefully continued to protest.

At the southern end of Lafayette Park, I had a chance to do an interview with  former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.

He said he stood in “solidarity” with the cause of justice for Native Americans. O’Malley while pointing to the White House, added that President Donald Trump, “has a backward-looking, neanderthal vision of our relationship to the earth.”

O’Malley, a Democrat, was twice Governor of Maryland, (2007-15), and twice Mayor of Baltimore City (1991-1999). In 2016, he ran for president on the Democratic ticket and finished third of three candidates. He emerged, however, from that national contest with a significant amount of positive new recognition.

Martin O’Malley Demands Justice for Native Americans: Blasts Neanderthal Trump from Bill Hughes on Vimeo.