Standing Rock Sioux take the fight to Washington

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WASHINGTON – Thousands of Native American tribes and  Peace & Justice activists took to the streets Friday to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline that they claim threatens the environment.

After their first stop at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, they stopped at one of President Donald Trump’s luxury hotels. It’s called the “Trump International Washington, D.C.” The luxury lodgings are located about 1,000 yards from the National Mall.

After that symbolic stop, the spirited social justice activists, some in Native Costumes, moved on to Lafayette Park, directly in front of the White House. There, they set up a speakers’ stand.

David Archambault, the chair of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe was the lead speaker at the event. He said the tribes were marching today “against injustice.” Archambault added that Native Nations cannot continue to be pushed around for the benefit of what he labeled “corporate interests and government whim.”

David Archambault

While the speakers were talking, supporters of their cause continued to protest peacefully just outside the White House fence.

At press time, it was estimated, absent judicial intervention, that the company operating the disputed pipeline, expects to have “oil flowing by the end of this month.”

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