Moringa: Green tea at its best

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I’m partial to green tea. Herbal tea? Sure, I’ll take it if it’s on offer, but it’s green tea that really rocks my world. Morning, afternoon, bedtime, I’m a green tea gal.

moringapowderThen I heard about Moringa tea and the benefits of this new ‘super food.’  The leaves of the Moringa trees were recently identified by the World Vegetable Center in Taiwan as the vegetable with the highest nutritional value. The vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants in Moringa are all natural and easily absorbed by humans (and pets, apparently!) unlike most vitamins on the market which end up in the toilet. (Bright yellow wee? That’s your vitamins passing on through…!)

So, I tried the Moringa tea made by Green Virgin Products, and which is produced in the Philippines. Green Virgin Moringa tea has a ‘kick,’ but a good one. It’s an acquired taste, but something is pleasingly refreshing about their Moringa tea. It sits warmly on the palette and feels clean when ingested. I’m sold. I have levels of green tea products, and Moringa is heading straight to the top of the list.

Green Virgin also make Moringa powder, non-toxic cleaner, soap nuts and other non-toxic, healthy products. Green Virgin Products have been online since January of 2009. Given a choice, I would prefer all my products to be non-toxic products and aftere reeearching Green Virgin is seems that every product they sell is totally non toxic, eco friendly and doesn’t cost more than the toxic brands. Again, sold.

But, back to the Moringa tea. Why is it infinitely better?

Green Virgin explains their product:

“Just as an apple turns brown when cut and exposed to the air, Moringa is very susceptible to oxidation. If it is not packaged properly most of the nutritional value will be destroyed before you even open the package. So it is imperative that moringa must be packaged in oxygen free (not just air tight) packaging that also blocks 100 percent of light.

Zucchini Bread with Moringa Tea.
Zucchini Bread with Moringa Tea.

Our competitors sell Moringa capsules in white translucent pill bottles. Light can penetrate those destroying the nutritional value. That’s the reason why all our moringa is packed in an expensive three-layer, resealable pouch. Then we put an oxygen absorber inside the package and double seal it. The pouch shuts out 100 percent of the light, and the oxygen absorber sucks up all the oxygen inside the pouch. All our Moringa products are packaged this way, and we are the only manufacturer to take the time and effort to do so. That is why our Moringa is more potent than any other brand.”

The other fabulous thing about Moringa is that it can be used in a plethora of recipes like Zucchini Bread, Oatmeal Bread and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Keeping it real and tasting divine with Moringa, let me tell you!

After a hectic weekend not looking after myself particularly well in New Orleans (show me someone who does!!), the first thing I reached for this morning was the Moringa tea and now I feel good again and am on the path back to health, because, as Green Virgin say, “your health is the most important thing.”