New York Stock Exchange experiences computer glitch

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In an incident that some say could be linked to the grounding of the United Airlines fleet, trading on the New York Stock Exchange was stopped at 11:32a.m. EDT. Unlike the airline issue, the NYSE remained closed for nearly four hours, reopening at 3:10 EDT.

At the same time the NYSE was shut down the Wall Street Journal had a similar crash. Management at all the companies, United Airlines, the NYSE and the WSJ, all said the problems don’t seem to be the result of a cyber attack.

According to the Washington Post the director of the FBI, James Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee, “We’re not big believers in coincidence either. We’ve been in contact with all three companies to see what’s going on.”

But he also told the Committee the problems don’t appear to be related and that it doesn’t look like a Cyber Attack.

All three companies were able to return to normal function, but the stock markets fell just over one percent as a result.