Hercules laptop backpack is all its name implies

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ECBC’s Hercules Laptop Backpack lives up to its name as the hero of backpacks, a practically indestructible sack.It’s a sleek, 8.4 inch by 12.13 inch by 7.1 inch water resistant bag that features self-repairing zippers to make sure everything in its array of pockets stays in place. There’s plenty of space for a few outfits and toiletries, as well as your laptop, tablet, cellphone and other small electronic device you need.

Everything you put in the 2.7-pound accessory gets its own cubbyhole, making everything accessible and protected by 1000d Kodra Nylon.

There are a tons of bags out there. But how many are constructed so you don’t have to remove your laptop for inspection when you go through airport security?

You won't have to put your laptop in one of those bins at airport security if you have ECBC's Hercules Laptop Backpack.
You won’t have to put your laptop in one of those bins at airport security if you have ECBC’s Hercules Laptop Backpack.

With the Hercules, all you do is unzip where your laptop is stored and place the bag on conveyor belt so it can be scanned. Your days of taking the laptop out, putting it in one of those dirty bins and hoping for the best are over.

At $139, the Hercules Laptop Backpack isn’t priced for everyone. But if you have a laptop, a tablet, an iPad a cellphone and other electronic gadgets, you want them protected, no matter the cost.

The bag also has a perfect pouch for a portable power pack, which ECBC sells for $43. If you do a lot of traveling, especially outdoors, this device could be a lifesaver, as it quickly charges many electronic devices numerous times before it needs to be recharged through a Micro-USB port, which easily plugs into a computer. The power pack is about the size of a credit card and can easily fit inside a purse or your pants pocket.

Hercules comes in five colors — black, blue, green, linen and berry — making it easy on the eyes, and most importantly, easy for holding your stuff.