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Mankind has long been seeking and shall continue to seek ever greater information about how our bodies function and how we homo sapiens can live longer, stronger and better. One of the latest areas of research to blossom with substantial potential benefits for mankind is in the realm of micro biomes. Everyday more and more knowledge is learned about the vast role microbiomes play in human health. There is now even the first ever Microbiome Human Nutrition Summit being held November 14th through the 16th in Boston, MA. Should you be interested in participating do check it out here:

Believe it or not, the bacteria and organisms living in your gut (constituting most of the human microbiome) effect your health more than you may think.

“The microbiome has as much influence on health and disease as our genomes and other environmental exposures,” said Dr. Lynn Bry, Director of the Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center in the Department of Pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH).  But the “gut” is by no means the only pony in the microbiome stable.

There is the vaginal microbiome and it alone comprises roughly 300-600 species of bacteria, many of which are transferred to a newborn child orally as the infant moves thru the birth canal. So obviously when a baby is delivered by caesarean section such children are denied this significant microbiome transfer.

There is also breast milk microbiome which contain between 200-700 species of bacteria. This is obviously transferred through breast feeding the child. But some children are not breast fed for a number of reasons and when that happens the child is denied yet another extremely important transfer.

There is also oral microbiome that involve another 600 or so species shared with the baby by way of kissing and sharing eating utensils with both mother and father.

The simple point of all of this is that too frequently babies are born with significant deficiencies in good bacteria necessary to achieve and maintain excellent health. With that in mind a rapidly emerging new medical resource company, OmniBiome, Inc. has already licensed several patents for methodologies designed to prevent pregnancy complications by exploring a variety of ways and means to assure better maternal healthcare and resulting superior birth outcomes. It is as of now the very first company to take such a novel and powerful approach.

Its leadership is extremely strong with Iryna Dzieciuch as Chief Executive Officer with two Masters Degrees and an extensive background in the field. She is joined by Dr. Vijay Mahant, Chief Science Officer who holds over 30 years of hands one experience in the medical industry. Timothy G. Dixon brings a long history of dealing successfully with important regulatory bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration and has a distinguished track record getting done what must be done to bring innovative medical advancements to the public market place.

Clearly OmniBiome, Inc. is poised to take a significant leading role in the exploding new arena of Microbiome in the realm of advanced health care at many levels. You can learn even more at the company’s website:

It is equally as important to understand that OmniBiome, Inc. is one component of the larger corporation Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. which when taken together offers one of the most exciting new medical and health industry companies of the 21st century. That company’s tremendous advancements are just now beginning to reach the broader world making its current share price of right around one penny insanely undervalued, which in turn I sincerely believe offers aggressive investors a very rare and truly spectacular opportunity.

Do not take my word for it. Do however take a minute to check out their website at:

Oh and should you have an interest their stock symbol is TSOI and it trades on the OTC. But whether your interests are in the science, the health possibilities or possibly an investment opportunity, this is one situation you do not want to ignore.

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