Perfection: a practitioner’s perspective

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All is connected, All is perfect and All is good.

In 1999 I was a student in a spiritual class at the United Church of Religious Science in Tampa, Florida and the concept of Oneness was becoming clear to me. Onenness says: All is connected, All is perfect, and All is good.

On the subject of perfection it was suggested that we are on a path. That path is like someone starting kindergarten. That child is perfect just the way it is. Even though it cannot do algebra, it does not mean it is imperfect. The child is absolutely perfect. When that child gets to high school, it will do algebra (one hopes, anyway) and it still is perfect even though the child does not know quantum physics. It is perfect just the way it is because the child is on a path or a journey. That child will continue on that journey for the rest of its life. In the meantime, it is perfect at all stages.

In this class, we were asked to bring something from home that we considered a sacred object and write about why it is sacred. The following poem is what I wrote:

 Spiritual Reality
There is one consciousness. Everything that ever was,
is and ever will be is this consciousness; all at one time.
The Consciousness takes on many forms.
Each form is continuously evolving into all that it can be.

My sacred object is my rock crystal. 
When was it not this crystal?
When it was a clump of sand or dirt or whatever it started as?
It was then what it is now, only now it is farther
along in its evolution to be the most it can be.
Was it perfect in the past?  Yes!
Is it perfect now?  Yes!
Is it less perfect then it is going to be?  No!
It just is what it is right now. 
This is exactly what it is supposed to be,
which is absolutely perfect.

My second sacred object is myself.
When was I not me?
When I was a new born baby?
I was then what I am now,
only I’m farther along in my evolution
to being the most I will be in this form. 
Was I perfect as a baby? Yes! 
 Am I perfect now?  Yes!  
Am I less perfect now then I will be? No!   
I just am who I am right now. 

This is exactly who I am supposed to be
which is absolutely perfect,

 And what is true for me is true for everyone!