Preparing Your LA Home Against Extreme Weather

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Image by designedbynico from Pixabay

Not only has California recorded the hottest summer ever but the Golden State has also been plagued by extreme weather conditions such as fires, lightning, and flash floods as well.  While these weather conditions are not a rare occurrence, it is imperative that homeowners never become complacent and continue to do everything in their power to protect their homes against the harsh elements. From keeping your roof and gutter well-maintained to having a fire extinguisher on standby, here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for any impending extreme weather to minimize damage and expenses.

Check your roof and gutters

The part of the house that is most commonly affected by extreme weather conditions is undoubtedly the roof.  Not only can gale-force winds make short work of a roof, but torrential downpours can also cause considerable damage. In order to protect both the exterior and interior of your house, it is important to inspect your roof and gutters on a regular basis. Things to look out for include missing or loose tiles, cracked caulk or rust on flashing, a missing or damaged chimney cap, and the presence of moss and lichen. It is also important to ensure that all rain gutters and downspouts are properly secured and free of dirt and debris. If a storms hits and the gutters are blocked the water will not be directed away from the house and can cause very severe and expensive damage

Have an appliance repair plan in place

Extreme weather can not only wreak havoc to the exterior of your home but your appliances as well. Surge and lightning damage to large appliances are not uncommon during severe storms. Large appliances such as fridges, water heaters, washing machines, and dryers are particularly at risk which is why investing in surge protectors is an absolute must. Repairing appliances before winter is one of the smartest steps you can take. Making use of a service provider that provides easy and affordable access to accredited, vetted professionals in LA can take a lot of pressure off a homeowner.

Have a fire extinguisher on standby

The importance of having a fire extinguisher on standby during bouts of extreme weather cannot be reiterated enough.  Major flooding, earthquakes, and wind can all leave a house increasingly vulnerable to fire. While local fire departments will undoubtedly attend to emergencies as fast as possible, having a working fire extinguisher on hand could mean the difference between saving your home or seeing it burn to the ground. In order to make sure you have easy access to your extinguisher, make sure it is installed in an easy-to-reach place.  It is also vital that all fire extinguishers are serviced on a regular basis and that everyone in the household knows how to safely use the equipment in a safe manner.

LA has been plagued by extreme weather conditions more than just a few times this year already. Thankfully, by being proactive and preparing your house against such weather conditions, you can limit the damage caused and end up saving money on repairs and replacements.