Radio Row is now a big part of Super Bowl Week

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Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan Marino, from the Miami Dolphins
Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan Marino, from the Miami Dolphins

One of the scenes at every Super Bowl that most people never hear about is “Radio Row.”

It’s located here in the Phoenix Convention Center, right next to the NFL Experience. If you could be here, you would see it isn’t a row at all. it’s a big room in the convention center with at least 100 radio stations in their booths, squeezed together, making this one of the most crowded spaces here in Phoenix.

Some of the bigger broadcasting companies have large areas with two or more stations and stages for their on-air talent. SiriusXM Satellite Radio has a very large area and they will sometimes have five different talk shows broadcasting at the same time, on different channels.

All the radio personalities and producers are looking to get a hold of every football player or executive that walks by. While I was here Wednesday Dan Marino stopped by the CBS Sports Radio booth for an interview.

Two years ago, Beyoncé, who was the star of the Super Bowl XLVII half time show, came through and caused a lot of commotion as radio stations crammed around her hoping for a sound bite and maybe some photos or video time for their websites. If you’re running a radio station it never hurts to have your own photos or video of Beyoncé on your site.

No autographs allowed.
No autographs allowed.

Most people never hear of Radio Row because the NFL usually restricts access to it, keeping the fans from the area. But not this year. Fans are welcome and you’ll see them walking around listening and taking pictures of the radio personalities and celebrities that are here. Some stations don’t allow photos or signing autographs, but for the most part people have their cell phones out taking pictures and recording the various radio programs.

Every day Radio Row is filled with people. If you’re listening to your local radio station and they’re broadcasting from the Super Bowl, most likely they are in this giant room.

(All photos by Claudia Gestro)