Rags to Riches: How Ricky Andrade Made His Way to Becoming a Preeminent Entrepreneur

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The world is an arena full of people belonging from different backgrounds. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths while others lack sufficient money to even satisfy their daily requirements. Quite a considerable amount of people derive pessimism from their circumstances but a few exceptional rise from the ashes like a Pheonix and take flight towards light even when the chances of finding an exit in the abyss are slim. Ricky Andrade is one of those Phoenixes who chose to take control of their destiny.

Ricky Andrade (Courtesy Photo)

Founder and CEO of Market Masters Academy, Ricky Andrade is leading a teaching institution where he and his team have paved the way for novices. They provide young entrepreneurs with the tools they need to flourish in the industry. Alongside entrepreneurship, his team focuses on foreign exchange (Forex) market trading strategies. Their primary goal is to enable intellectual investors to garner maximum profits in any market condition, make well-informed decisions, manage their risks better, and minimize their losses. He achieves this goal by working and monitoring each individual closely as they navigate around.

However, conditions were not always favorable for this Forex Trading Prodigy. Ricky opened eyes in a family that was struggling to make the ends meet. Throughout his childhood, uncertainty enveloped every sphere of his life. He hopped from one school to the other, only spending 2 years maximally at one institution. Andrade attended Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California where he studied Business Administration and Management while working full time as a Commercial Dishwasher Technician at the Auto Chlor System.

The Pheonix inside Andrade rose when he – at 21 years – decided to quit his job and take charge of the situation. Having little to no capital was a limitation he was aware of but he did not let factors beyond his control lower his morale. He stumbled and faltered, only to stand up stronger each time. After securing his place in affiliate companies, he spent time learning and acquiring skills for Forex Trading. Soon, he was thriving as an investor in this industry and at only 23 years, was proclaimed a millionaire.

Brimming with the sense of devotion towards the community, he then founded his mentoring academy, The Market Masters, that has helped thousands find their footing in this evolving industry. Apart from Forex Trading, Andrade serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Shop For Investors and a Real Estate Investor at the LR Investments. Additionally, he holds a strong professional inclination towards Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies of this sort.

Ricky has also launched The Market Mastermind, which conducts leading-edge events that allow people sharing similar interests to network and socialize as they learn Forex Trading. By offering innovative online courses, Andrade has proved his academy features advanced technology and utilizes all the tools available at their disposal. The courses provide an intuitive learning guide and use both audio and visual resources. Andrade has since been featured by Forbes, ABC7, Nasdaq, Entrepreneur, TradingView, Yahoo! Finance, and many others.

MotivPack is Andrade’s most recent token of appreciation towards his community. It is a non-profit welfare organization that works to prepare young students for success by equipping them with backpacks full of essential resources and impetus to move forward. 

By pioneering a medspa called Flip Your Look, Andrade has exhibited another innovative outlook towards an issue that was faced by the masses. The spa uses risk-free and painless procedures to help thousands feel better about their bodies.

His leisure pursuits include indulging in personal development literature, shopping, hiking, attending car shows, and engaging with his fan following on different social media platforms.