Lorna Florence Can Rock Heels And Sneakers Both!

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Lorna Florence is a personal trainer and fitness model based in London! She started out in the fitness industry a couple of years ago and has taken off since then! Currently, she’s an Instagram influencer as well.

Lorna believes that her business is more than just personal training sessions, she encourages people to take fitness as a lifestyle, something that she has done herself as well. Lorna believes that it is her job to make training a good time for her clients, something that they enjoy rather than avoid. According to her client recommendations, Lorna has been described as one of the most consistent and motivated trainers in the industry.

On talking about the secret to her success, Lorna admits that it stems from her personality, which is vibrant and makes her an extrovert. She says that she has a way with people and the fact that she thrives off of social interactions is why she’s so good at building her network of clients. This is also possible because she has been born and bred in Northwest London – as a Londoner, she is used to a constantly hustling and bustling city. 

But this is just one aspect of her career! Lorna is also a fitness model and an Instagram influencer. She has modeled for brands like Adidas, Reebok, and Oysho. Lorna states that the fashion industry is a nod at her creative side since she wants to balance both work and creativity. Unlike most people, for Lorna – her creative ventures are one of the most profitable in the world! 

As a part of her work as a fitness trainer, Lorna gets to travel all over the globe – to places like Greece, Dubai, and the South of France, etc. These allow for some of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts in the world, thus maintaining her Instagram feed.

In the future, Lorna aims to expand her company and host global wellness-centered vacations for her clients.

Feature photo of Lorna Florence (Courtesy photo)