Roger Goodell press conference focuses on player conduct and team relocations

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On Friday, February 5, 2016, the NFL was deep into Super Bowl Week, with parties, press conferences and practices taking place every day.

Trophy-HelmetsRoger Goodall, the Commissioner of the NFL, gave his press conference in San Francisco in front of a packed audience of reporters. The media was focused on the commissioner as he congratulated the three finalists for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award — Eli Manning of the New York Giants, Benjamin Watson of the New Orleans Saints and Anquan Boldin of the San Francisco 49ers, who received the award on Saturday.

The commissioner then gave a short statement about the state of affairs in the NFL, what the league was doing about pressing issues, like player safety and team relocation, and then he opened up the floor for questions.

Our reporter Claudia Gestro was there to cover it. The press conference was so expansive we have split it into two videos. The first is focused on player conduct on and off the field, and team relocations, especially the Rams moving back to Los Angeles the desire of the NFL to keep the Chargers in San Diego and the Raiders in Oakland. He also touched on the possibility of getting another team into St. Louis.

Claudia Gestro contributed to this article, including photos.

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Part 2 of Claudia Gestro’s video report from Roger Goodall’s press conference.