Riding the Hog

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It had been ninety degrees when they pulled out of the driveway before the sun even came up. Now Jeni was sure it was over a hundred because she could tell by the broiling Arizona sun beating across her back.

In a little while when Max stopped she had already decided she was taking off the tank top. She would rather have a burn with a bikini top on than a farmer burn on just her shoulders and arms when they got to the beach. California here we come!

Sweat itched as it rolled between her breasts. She wasn’t all that sure that saving money on gas was such a great idea. It was too damn hot to ride a bike through the Arizona desert. Pretty soon, they would have to stop before they entered California to put on helmets and then the heat would be insufferable. If they had the car, air conditioning would be blowing softly into the interior. She could be napping.

She looked at poor Max and could see a bead of sweat on the back of his neck just at the hairline; she thought that was weird considering the blistering hot wind blowing constantly in their faces as if they were driving into an oven door.

She squeezed him gently with her legs, loving this man of hers. The front of her and his back were both wet from sweat. They were just too close together on this bike.

Jeni forced herself to think of the beach. Riding up PCH would be so beautiful, she imagined flying down the highway with both arms stretched out and her eyes closed in ecstasy.

The roar of the bike sounded a bit like the roar of the waves and the wind actually had a slight cool tinge blowing in off the ocean with an overcast sky. It was maybe seventy-eight degrees, tops. She imagined they were playing in the waves like two young dolphins. Jeni needed so badly to get out of the Arizona summer for a few days.

Her lower back was starting to ache without any support. Jeni leaned into Max with her head on his shoulder. It pulled her lower body forward. With this small adjustment she could feel the bikes vibration and it felt pretty good. She pushed a little into it and found out if she pushed too far, it took away the intensity of the vibration but if she pulled back a fraction of an inch, it was perfect. Hmmmm she might be able to enjoy the ride after all.

She lifted her chin onto Max’s shoulder. “Hey babe!” She yelled toward his ear.

“Yeah?” He leaned his ear in the direction of her head.

“The vibration is hitting me in the right spot.” She couldn’t keep the smile from her face.

“What? The bike is vibrating?” He looked confused.

“Yeah, but it feels really good, I think I can cum with it!” She yelled louder.

His huge smile went from ear to ear. “Go for it babe!”

She reached around to grab on to him and felt a hardening. She tried to unzip his jeans but it wouldn’t budge in that position. She tried to tuck her fingers into the top of his jeans and he sat up taller and sucked in his stomach a little to give her more room.

Three fingers in and she could feel him. He adjusted and moved right up to her fingers. She leaned into the vibration and looked at the man she loved; he was still smiling a contented little smile. He took one hand off the handlebars to stroke and squeeze her somewhat sun-warmed thigh lovingly. She couldn’t help but hold him a little tighter with her other arm.

It took a little while but the feeling intensified and she could feel a tightening in her clit area with a gush of wetness that never in a million years would feel like sweat dripping. It was a gradual building, deep feeling of forcefulness and strength. Ohhhh man.

Jeni wanted Max to enjoy the ride with her so she softly kissed his neck and sucked his ear just the way he liked it. She moaned in his ear and he revved the engine a little to show her he was a happy man.

She reached around again to Max’s already bulging cock and rubbed it slow but with just enough force to take him to the edge. He was always willing to comply. Her hips started moving sensuously, rubbing her wet clit on the smooth warm bike seat.

Jeni wished he could just pull to the side of the road, bend her over the bike and take her while the cars zoomed by witnessing their act of exhibitionism.

She tried to keep her eyes open to watch his through the side of his sunglasses. She wanted to see his eyes to gauge when he was getting close. The thrill of the open road and the vibrating sensation of the bike took them both to the edge and right over the top with an orgasm in unison.

Jeni stretched her arms wide and closed her eyes to the blistering wind as the bike roared down the Arizona highway … headin’ for California on the hog.