Short on cash flow: Tips for nonprofits to raise money and market efficiently

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Running a nonprofit can be one of the most rewarding things a group of people can do. Working towards a cause that you truly believe in is far different than working for a corporate entity only worried about their bottom line. Working for a nonprofit does not come without its challenges as funds tend to go toward the main goal of the group whether it is feeding the poor or sheltering abandoned animals. In order to maximize money going to the right places, it is important to raise money and market efficiently to reduce/eliminate wasted money. The following are tips for a nonprofit to raise money as well as get the word out about the good work they do by marketing efficiently.

Social Media Presence Is Imperative

A social media presence that can show the good work being done by the nonprofit is a great marketing tool on platforms that are free. A great example can be pet rescues as they do a great job of showing pets in need as well as promoting to stoppage of overfishing in our oceans. People love pictures and videos of animals doing cute things and this can be leveraged in a way to receive donations. Often times pet rescues post pictures of pets available for adoption with a bio about their personality as well as backstory. Hashtagging posts correctly can allow for people searching for things like saving pets or sustainable fishing quite easily. Having a great post will not reach its maximum exposure without the proper tagging on the post. Content that is written and results from fundraisers can also be posted on these platforms. People that see others donating will be encouraged to donate as well!

Free T-Shirt With A Donation Can Make a Difference

A cool t-shirt can be enough to have a person donating money with the shirt as a reward. Getting a t-shirt maker to do these at a discounted or free rate might not be as difficult as one might think as this could be tax deductible. Other promotional items like that of coffee mugs or even pens can help further spread the word of the good work that the nonprofit does. Never underestimate the attraction of a person donating thinking they are getting a great deal and donating to an incredible cause. 15 minutes in a comfortable shoulder massage chair could also be enough for a donation to be made. For a good cause, people will donate for the simplest of comforts or swag.

Partner With A Related Business To Throw An Event

An animal rescue can partner with a related business like that of an animal store/hospital to throw adoption events. Not only does the business get extra sales from those adopting new pets needing food/toys but it gives the pet’s exposure to groups of people. Many of these businesses are even willing to give discounts on items if a person donates or adopts to/from the rescue. Even unrelated businesses like a restaurant with an outdoor area could be willing to do this in order to get people in the door. When throwing events the t-shirt mentioned above can include the logos of all of the businesses that donated within the last year.

The Website Needs A Donation Button And Contact Information In Plain Sight

The nonprofit’s website needs to have a donation button very visible on its homepage. Even those very willing to donate can become frustrated if an easy option to donate is not available. Contact information also needs to be on the homepage as people will need an address for donations or might want to join in and help. Do not make it difficult for people to donate or ask questions about volunteers as this can reduce the numbers for both. Even having an “About The Team” with top people at the nonprofit can help humanize the nonprofit and allows those that are considering volunteering to see who they would be working with.

Raising money and marketing efficiently for a nonprofit can be complicated but it is more than possible. Do not undersell your abilities as a nonprofit to attract hundreds if not thousands of volunteers and donations!