Smart Money Moves: Crypto Whale Quietly DCAs Into Ethereum Blockchain’s New Bitcoin

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Ethereum Blockchain has a ‘new Bitcoin’ coming; A store of value token is readying for launch on CEXES for the 250 million plus digital wallets that use ERC-20 networks.   Still in the ICO stage, the SOV token is now being feasted on by some of the cryptocurrency’s biggest investors.   One of those, a Crypto Whale, has just been detected by news sources for quietly Dollar Cost Averaging into the presale of Ethereum Blockchain’s New Bitcoin —Mollars token.

Why Is Mollars Token Presale Popular With Crypto Investors?

The $MOLLARS project was launched less than 3 months ago.  Soon after publishing its whitepaper plans and opening its ICO via, the token raised thousands of dollars from crypto traders who understood its ‘value’ to the digital currency world.  It’s slated to save SOV token holders big money by having lower transaction fees than Bitcoin (BTC) and also boasts a faster transaction speed, thanks to Ethereum Blockchain.

Fast forward 3 months to today, Mollars has raised over S$750,000 with the ICO presale and surging toward the million-dollar level.  The token’s founder appears to have had great foresight. Not only did they recognize a need within crypto, due to Bitcoin’s industry-worst blockchain transaction fees , but presale funding was also stored in Ethereum (ETH) coins.   

Both decisions have proven to be excellent choices as the first has motivated thousands of cryptocurrency traders to invest.  The second decision, holding presale funds in $ETH, has multiplied the value of the presale’s holdings by over +20%.

Biggest Mollars Holders Today

While the Mollars presale has seen a huge single transaction presale worth US$16,367 [details here], that top-listed purchase is not from the biggest overall buyer. The biggest holder of the Mollars token today is a crypto whale who’s using a ‘dollar cost averaging’ strategy of investment, buying more presale tokens almost daily.    Last tracked on their fifth transaction, this crypto whale has made 7 more buys since that report.    

The whale’s wallet (0x0d2c2860ED0a93416E3f6ff06cd609Cb8B6EE5B2) is showing the investor has a heavy belief in Mollars.  Their investment before was already more than the average United States citizen has in their savings or bank account.  This fact hints that the investor is likely an educated investor, who’s savvy in trading crypto; A good investor to watch and follow perhaps.

The New DCA Transactions

All purchases were done with the Ethereum (ETH) coin.  One of 3 payment options accepted in the Mollars Initial Coin Offering.  The others, Credit Card and Tether (USDT) are not associated with this whale though it would be very hard to trace if the investor wanted to go under the radar.

Since the last tracking of Mollars biggest holder, there have been no more ‘whole’ Ethereum tokens used.  However, the 6th buy was for a half-$ETH coin or nearly US$1500 [view transaction].  

7th Presale Buy

The 7th presale purchase was for 0.3317 ETH on February 13th around 4:12AM [UTC time].   The fiat value of the DCA buy was $969.77 (USD). This was the last of the transactions from the crypto whale for the $1k range and above, but the buying activity did not stop.

8th Presale Buy

The 8th transaction came one day later, February 14th, nearly 24 hours after the seventh token presale buy.  This purchase was for .14219 ETH coins or  $415.71 (USD).    The twenty-four-hour time lapse would indicate this trader has a very strict routine, executing a long-term plan with excellent habit.

9th Presale Buy

This whale’s 9th token presale buy [address] was on the same day as the 8th.     At 5:35 p.m. [UTC], nearly 12 hours after the prior investment, the procurement of Mollars presale tokens was completed using 0.0919 ETH. The USD value of the transaction was $268.68.

The daily routine slowed down after Thursday, February 15th (EST).  The DCAing strategy went dormant for an early weekend before the investor came back to purchase more 3 days later, February 17th.

Mollars Token
Mollars Token (Courtesy photo)

10th Presale Buy

The 10th ICO investment was made at 5:47 a,m, [transaction], UTC time.   The amount of tokens traded in for more MOLLARS was 0.16545 ETH.   In US dollars this amounts to $483.72 or close to half-a-thousand.  

11th Presale Buy

Another transaction was done again just minutes later.  At 5:52 a.m. (UTC), an unusually ‘simple’ amount for this trader was invested — $41.60.   The small amount had a fee of nearly 10%, which makes the 11th transaction look a little strange but this investor appears to know what they are doing.  Perhaps ‘consistency’ is the key to reaching wealth or so signals this trading habit of Mollar’s top token holder.

12th Presale Buy

The 12th and final transaction thus far for this crypto mega-investor was another ‘big bang.’    The trader used $528.01 worth of Ethereum (ETH) coins to make his latest procurement of Mollars. The 0.1806 ETH cost should have gotten the investor another 1056 $MOLLARS tokens secured.

Total Amount Of Whale’s Mollars Token Investment

The total amount of money invested into the Mollars token presale by this investor is massive.   Their last ‘tracked moves’ totaled US$13,010 total.   These latest 7 purchases have a sum together of $4185.91 (USD).     Altogether, this crypto investor has procured a staggering ~$17,195.91 worth of $MOLLARS.

Far from the end of this initial coin offering event, it’s possible this investor’s portfolio could end up holding more than US$20,000 worth of Mollars tokens.

A staggering amount for the average person to think about and much more notably, to invest.    However, this DCA trader is expected to have a very high IQ for investing and using an already tested strategy, that’s made healthy ROI yields prior to this. 

How Many Mollars Tokens & Return On Investment

The total investment sum of $17,195.91 has secured the investor nearly 35,000 Mollars tokens.  A giant amount to have in their portfolio, it also makes this crypto investor the rank and status of top $Mollars token holder today.

If Mollars token reached $100 in value, which increases in likeliness with the announcement of the new crypto exchange, this investor would become a rich multi-millionaire.  The 19,900% increase would send this $17.1K investment out of this stratosphere into the lunar cycle. The new value of their investment would become $3,421,986.00 (USD); enough to buy a mansion and a luxury car.

While some investors may play the ‘shy investor’ role, teetering on whether to buy or not, crypto whales like this one are ‘swallowing’ large swaths of Mollars tokens without hesitation. The indication of ‘smarter money’ moving into such financial events, usually is a strong sign of positive gains to come.

Search “Mollars Crypto Whales” to see the latest updates on activity from this and other large buyers of Ethereum Blockchain’s “new Bitcoin”.