Solombra Ingram: Carrying The Global Torch For Women’s Empowerment and Leadership

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Solombra Ingram is having a worldwide impact.

Empowerment, compassion, and leadership are the pillars at the forefront of what Ingram embraces at the helm of her Los Angeles based nonprofit I’m Every Woman (IEW). Ingram has been using her influence in ways to find and support local auxiliaries interested in partnering to make a global impact.

For years, Ingram has used her leadership tactics to lead high-performing teams for projects in entertainment and philanthropy. The nonprofit leader has demonstrated transformative strategies that mobilize people to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Ingram, who leads with intention and integrity, is paving a powerful path helping women to pursue their career and healthcare goals with the focus being on Mind, Body, and Soul. Through IEW, Ingram has successfully bridged the gap for many women and girls to have access to a better way of living through mentorship, education, etiquette, inclusion initiatives, and innovation.

Currently Ingram is on a week-long assignment in Eleuthera, Bahamas, honoring survivors and recognizing women who have been embattled with Cancer.

Ingram is carrying the torch and has surrounded herself with exceptional women who are also willing to fight for the cause. The philanthropic leader took some time out of her business schedule to sit down with Los Angeles based journalist Germany Kent who is accompanying Ingram on the Bahamas trip as the official media correspondent.

“Today was the Cancer Awareness beach fun run walk. We had people from all over the world represented,” said Ingram.

The island, which forms a border between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Ocean, was engulfed with a sea of pink, including large displays of balloons and Cancer Awareness paraphernalia. A large group of women, men, and children gathered to walk and run along the ocean to show support.

“This is a mission that accurately supports diverse audiences, enabling people opportunities to connect in real time. And there is no better place than here, right now,” Ingram said.

Ingram’s nonprofit, IEW provided free backpacks filled with supporting information, a beach towel, water bottle, and complimentary t-shirt to all attendees. There was also a free health clinic set up to assist with testing of vital signs and dietary guidance and support.

Ingram visits the Bahamas yearly and has partnered with other leaders on the island to bring resources and necessary medical supplies throughout the years. “I like being hands-on with front-line experiences being able to help each person in need,” Ingram said.

“I try to focus on human connection. I am here to break down barriers of diversity and build bridges of hope, love, peace, and manifest the best in others,” said Ingram.

Ingram’s infectious energy and tireless support has not gone unnoticed. “Solombra Ingram has been a blessing. We really appreciate all of her efforts and willingness to partner with the Eleuthera Cancer Society (ECS),” said Susan Culmer, the current president.

Ingram imparts her willingness to impact lives based on the different experiences she has had on her journey. “I’m so thankful to use the gifts and talents God has given me to reach others around the globe,” Ingram pointed out. “This is only the beginning. God is about to open the floodgates so that we can have the resources to help many more people in need.”

Solombra Ingram, Susan Culmer (Photo by Germany Kent)

“I have the energy, passion, and enthusiasm to carry the torch. Let’s make history for women globally,” said Ingram.

One of the highlights of this Bahamas trip thus far has been the I’m Every Woman presents Staying Healthy: Body Mind & Soul Symposium. Moderated by Bahamian businesswoman Bekera Tayor, the well-attended affair was held at the Cancer Society of Eleuthera Friday evening. Ingram solicited Cancer survivor testimonies from Los Angeles based socialite Pamela Wilson and Bahamian survivors  Shanna L. Clarke and Suzette Kemp.

Rounding out the program from the Bahamas were CSE president Susan Culmer and Jackie Gibson, the former Director of Tourism for the Bahamas. Representing the United States were Los Angeles region AHF Senior Director Anita Castille and Dr. Thelma Day, retired Academic Dean for Los Angeles Community College District. Also represented from the Los Angeles region was Dr. Carliss McGhee, a member of the Inglewood School Board.

Dr. McGhee, speaking on behalf of The Inglewood Chapter of Links International, presented a check to the Cancer Society of Eleuthera from the partnered fundraising activities in California with IEW in the amount of $7,500. McGhee said the organization boldly supports Ingram’s IEW foundation. “It’s because of Solombra and the work that she does that allows us to put our funding in the right place.”

“We had no idea there was a need here in the Bahamas until Solombra brought it to our attention. At that point, we knew we wanted to help out,” said McGhee.

“Thank you again to Solombra, everything was extremely well received. We accept this check on behalf of all of the advocates working hard to fight Cancer” said Culmer.

Some of the sponsors who have backed Ingram’s IEW organization include The Inglewood Chapter of Links International, AHF, as well as the YWCA of greater Los Angeles.

Up next for Ingram are more empowerment symposiums and a commitment to work with different charities to bring about change to women everywhere.

“We are on a global marathon for women’s empowerment. The goal is to continue to champion women’s issues, encourage audiences, create a culture of excellence, and push limits while inspiring others to do the same,” said Ingram.

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