Steve Foley lets LA businesses see the future for memory card technology

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The humble memory card is something businesses in LA often take for granted. Some businesses have phased flash drives out entirely. But business leader Steve Foley, who runs  says that many businesses have moved too soon to get rid of these devices.

The world of tech is changing, and memory cards and memory sticks are still as relevant as before. If businesses in LA think that they’re obsolete, here are some of the innovations sending Silicone Valley wild.

The Dual Connector USB Stick

The classic USB stick we know is the USB-A connector. A lot of LA businesses have phased these out in favor of external hard-drives and the cloud.

However, a new innovation is encouraging more businesses to keep using them. These dual connector USB sticks use both the USB-A connector and the USB-C connector, which fans out in a ‘T’ position. They can be connected to two devices at the same time.

Steve says that the USB-C connector is future proof. The reason why we’ve yet to see USB-C connectors exclusively is that most customers want the option to use both.

But it’s expected that USB-C connectors will become all the rage in the next few years.

In-Factory Testing is the New Norm

Businesses often get frustrated by the lack of reliability that some memory cards have. Sometimes memory cards may work fine for a short time, only to break at an inopportune moment. The business then loses all its high-quality pictures.

The industry has responded to this through 100-percent in-factory testing. The realistic goal now is that firms will be able to sustain a 0% failure rate across all its memory cards.

For businesses in LA, this is going to offer a new level of reliability, trust, and confidence.

Laser-Etched Serial Numbers are the Norm in Security

Security is a massive consideration for businesses in LA when dealing with physical memory cards and USB flash drives. Their small nature means that they can be stolen at any moment.

However, the memory cards of the future will have laser-etched serial numbers. Previously, the serial numbers could be scratched off, so they were impossible to trace.

Manufacturers will be able to track firmware and all the relevant information about the card. These serial numbers can also be linked to specific purchasers, so it’s far easier to track thieves.

First Removable Memory Card

Samsung recently released the first ever removable memory cards using the JEDEC Universal Flash Storage (UFS) standard. These cards can store the highest resolutions within mobile devices, such as drones and 3D virtual reality cameras.

What this means for LA businesses is that they can produce superior multimedia experiences. In this developing world of business, multimedia has never been more important.

Now they will be able to provide better experiences to clients and investors.

Last Word – Back with a Vengeance

These technological advances demonstrate that memory cards and USB drives are back with a vengeance. LA businesses should take note if they want to stay on the same footing as their competitors.

Do you own any of these memory cards or USB drives yet?