Stitch Fetish 2 at Hive Gallery is all about erotic art

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Nathan Cartwright of The Hive. (Photo by Cat Doss)
Nathan Cartwright of The Hive.
(Photo by Cat Doss)

Stitch Fetish 2 is an exhibition at the Hive Art Gallery that features “Erotic Stitch Art” from various artists. It will be going on until the end of February. I spoke with curator and artist Ellen ‘Left Eye’ Schinderman about the show and this is what she had to say.

Cat Doss: How did Stitch Fetish come about?

Ellen Schinderman: I had a featured solo show at the Hive in 2012, “Flesh and Fiber” and had just curated a show called: “Home is Where the Needle Marks” at Pop Tart Gallery.

Nathan Cartwright (who runs the Hive) and I started talking about how fun it would be to have a stitched show there. The next available slot he had was February of 2013, and as it was February, and it’s my milieu anyway, I suggested a show of stitched erotica and he was all for it.

CD: Nice! And so you followed up with a second show this year? Is it going to become an annual tradition?

ES: We’ll see. The reaction was so positive last year that we decided to do it again and this year’s show was even better and more diverse. I certainly hope so.

CD: I thought it was great! How did you find so many artists with talent in erotic needlepoint?

Pita Garcia _I am My Body_ SeriesES: Thanks! We’re a little community. Many of the artists are people I know either on line or in person. I’d say half are making this kind of work on a regular basis (Erin M. Riley, Meghan Wilson, me), and the others are amazing artists who I asked to make something naughty (Luke Haynes, Hine Mizushima, Oh Sew Nerdy). I love what everyone came up with.

Erotic art by Ellen Schinderman (Photo by Cat Doss)
Erotic art by Ellen Schinderman
(Photo by Cat Doss)

CD: How did you get the nickname “Left Eye”?

ES: I’m an idiot. When Obama was running and the birthers were making a big deal about his middle name, there was a stupid Facebook thing, “Hussain for Obama,” and lots of people made their middle names Hussain. When he won, most people dropped it. A few took new middle names. My friend Robin changes his often. Anyway, I don’t actually have a middle name (just a letter because my parents are odd), and so I wound up choosing “Left Eye,” because A) *she was the bomb, and B) I thought it was silly as I’m so Jewish white. I’ve considered changing it since then, but people actually refer to me as “Lefty” at this point. Just silliness.

Erotic Embroidery by Amy Sheridan (Photo by Cat Doss)
Erotic Embroidery by Amy Sheridan
(Photo by Cat Doss)

CD: Lol, nice! What are your philosophies as an artist and a curator?

ES: They’re kind of the same. If it doesn’t amuse me or keep my interest, then what’s the point? My work takes anywhere from a few days (for an embroidery) to a month (large scale cross stitches) to make, so I have to really want to see it stitched. I’m also a big believer of humor in art, not that I don’t make serious pieces, but I think you can make serious art that says something and still makes you smile or laugh aloud.

The Butler offering condoms (Photo by Cat Doss)
The Butler offering condoms
(Photo by Cat Doss)

CD: Any plans for upcoming projects or shows?

ES: Lots of shows! I have a piece in the upcoming, “Season of Spring,” curated by Daniel Rolnik at Flower Pepper. I have just moved in as a resident at Dove Biscuit gallery on the Mezzanine level of the Last Bookstore and am very excited to be a part of Gallery 1988’s tenth anniversary show in April.

Beard Lust by Matthew Monthei (Photo by Cat Doss)
Beard Lust by Matthew Monthei
(Photo by Cat Doss)

CD: Cool! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

ES: The show is up until March 1st. The work can be seen and purchased online HERE.

And mostly thanks so much for coming out and taking the time for this interview!

  • (Photo by Cat Doss)
    (Photo by Cat Doss)

    *The late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, formerly of the band T.L.C.