Stonewall Clinton should pay the price

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Why was Hillary Clinton the only past Secretary of State to refuse to cooperate with the Office of the Inspector General? Why did she and her top aides refuse to answer questions when other past Secretaries of State did? If she has nothing to hide, why didn’t she help the investigation?

If you think I am the only one wondering this, then read what Wolf Blitzer asked to Clinton’s spokesman, Brian Fallon: “If she didn’t do anything wrong and she had nothing to hide, why didn’t she cooperate with the inspector general?”

This is what the public can expect a lot more of from a Clinton presidency, ignoring laws and regulations, refusing to cooperate, blatantly lying to the public, and then blaming a right wing conspiracy for her misdeeds.

Mrs. Clinton may have mastered the art of being an American Politician at its highest level, but she is nowhere near worthy of our trust, let alone our vote. She fails to offer us the hope Obama offered eight years ago, she brings a ton of baggage with her, and she has failed to connect with even her own party any where near the level either Obama or Bill Clinton did.

You may see her as the lesser of two evils, however she is just as evil as Donald Trump, she just goes about it in a different way. Hillary Clinton has one goal in life and that is to become the first woman elected POTUS. However, she has failed miserably at trying to become the first woman who is worthy of such an honor.

Hillary’s quest to play politics like the big boys has made her every bit as dirty and untrustworthy as her typical male counterparts. Yes, she understands the game, controls her party’s machinery, has made sure her former campaign director is the head of the DNC, all while claiming to be above the mess and ugliness she is very much connected with.

Who really believes under a Clinton presidency our health coverage, which failed to be affordable with Obama and has now just become universally required, will become less expensive while proving greater coverage?

Ask yourself, under a Clinton presidency, do you see us pulling out of the mess in the Middle East or getting deeper involved in it?

What plans does Clinton have that will bring back more high paying (middle class) jobs without increasing the taxes of the average worker? Do you really believe she is equipped to make Wall Street suddenly grow a conscience and part with more of their wealth?

Will she follow through and lower the cost of a real college education or what do you bet it just provides a way for there to be cheaper community college availability, while leaving the quest to finish a four year degree to continue rising at alarming rates? And what good will that four year degree be if it amounts to nothing much more than what a high school diploma afforded 30 years ago?

What magical touch does Hillary have to improve the functioning of government that all her predecessors have failed at? Will the VA function any better? How about our public schools? Will the aging voters she relies on be taken care of any better under her leadership? Will the problems minorities face disappear, or even improve measurably, under her? What does she have that President Obama doesn’t have that will allow her to succeed in these areas?

Under Clinton, you can bet government will continue to grow and tell all of us what to do, how to think, and how all our problems are the fault of the rich and the right. She is wrong.

Because she is loathed and not trusted by the majority of the nation, and because she fails to connect in a way that makes her seem the least bit connected with the average person, and because she has gotten this far by stonewalling government investigators, misleading the media, and flat out lying, Clinton should prepare herself to be nothing more than a one term president and viewed as a colossal failure to the point she may actually set future potential female presidents back by a generation.

Hillary Clinton may want to be our next president. However, Stonewall Clinton is no where near worthy of the office. It’s time Stonewall Clinton pay the ultimate price for her sins. No, I am not talking about prison where all she would do is continue playing the victim card. Her ultimate punishment is to be rejected by a nation that is in dire need of a leader they can trust and unite behind.

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