Heineken experience in Amsterdam

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The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam is an interactive, hi-tech tour through the production of one of the world’s most popular beers. Even though I’d gone past the place numerous times on previous trips to Amsterdam, I’d never gone inside, so it was definitely on my “must do” list for this trip.

It’s pretty easy to get to: from Central Station, catch line 16 or 24 and get off at the “Stadhouderskade” stop. It’s also not too expensive: around $20 for about 1.5 hours of entertainment (more if you want to dawdle) and at least 3 beers. We didn’t pre-purchase tickets, but I’d recommend it, since the line was pretty long, and they’re a few euros cheaper online.

All in all, The Heineken Experience was a lot of fun, and while I think it was worth the time and money, I can’t see myself returning unless they host an “all you can drink” event or add a cool Hershey’s Chocolate World-esque dark ride.