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Breathless in Trump World

Pink Floyd has a song called “Breathe.”

Breathless in Trump World


Pink Floyd has a song called “Breathe.”

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Election 2020: The Big Dump

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of President-Elect Joe Biden We are still waiting … The entertainment surrounding this election continues. Full disclosure: I’ve been watching MSNBC almost exclusively over the

Elective Thinking After the Fact

Top photo by Tim Forkes I am not much of a prognosticator. It goes back to when I made the mistake of picking Michigan to beat Washington or Washington State

Election 2020: The Silly Season continues

Top photo by Tim Forkes Sitting here on Wednesday morning, November 4, 2020, I’m wondering how the Democratic Party got it so wrong about Florida and Texas. How did the

November Letters: Elections and the hot water

Photo by Tim Forkes Happy November. If you are reading this, the election has not wrapped up yet. Trump is still putting the finishing touches on his victory parade. Well,

Vote like our lives depend on it

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of the second and final presidential debate ( How many days until Election Day? Seven, according to the calendar. A week until we start seeing

Letters to Jim, election edition

Election Special: Letters to Jim My fan mail is unending. I need to remember to remind my fans not to swamp the post office with letters to me in 2024

Bone spurs, anal boils and heroic losers: What the U.S. has become

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay One sign of a democratic and ethical society is how it protects its most vulnerable. As I have written in past articles, the U.S. often

Trump hospitalized for COVID-19 changes everything

Top photo created by Tim Forkes from CDC photo and YouTube screenshot of President Trump “Proud Boys — stand back and stand by. But I'll tell you what. I'll tell

Four More Years? Say it Ain’t So

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot I told myself I was done writing about Donald Trump. He sucks up enough media space already and has managed to suck the life


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