Trump Finally Gets a Unanimous Vote

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Just a couple of sentiments expressed on Thursday, after the jury in the Election Interference trial in Manhattan, New York returned with the verdict of guilty for ex-President Donald J. Trump on all 34 counts.

According to Florida Senator — and rabid boot licker hoping to be Trump’s running mate — “Little” Marco Rubio, this trial and verdict are just like what happens in Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Except Trump isn’t in a harsh prison and he’s definitely not been executed. So there are a few differences … oh yeah. The jury was made up of 12 average New Yorkers, a jury of Trump’s peers … not lackeys of the president ordered to convict the fat ass ex-president. So, yes, there are a few minor differences Little Marco.

Oh, and a friend, let’s just call him John Smith, immediately repeated an adjusted version of Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, “LOCK HIM UP!”

Judge Juan Merchan scheduled the sentencing hearing for July 11 … 41 days from today. So, the talking heads on the groove tube will be talking to death the variety of sentences the fat ass ex-president can receive — O Dear Lord in Heaven Almighty!

In his May 31 Press Harangue — we can’t call it a press conference because he took no questions — the convicted felon claimed “they” could sentence him to 187 years, which is a complete lie. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 4 years and $5k fine. But, the state of New York maxes the consecutive sentence for Class E felonies to 20 years. But, the judge could sentence the full weight of the fine for all 34 convictions, which is … (calculating) … $170k … that’s all?

Good thing the fat ass ex-president isn’t Black. He would be sentenced by now and sitting at Rikers Island as he awaits a transfer to one of New York’s maximum security prisons — for the full 20 years..

As if Trump’s white privilege hasn’t carried him enough during the course of this trial and the time since he was indicted by all the legal cases — gee, his entire life — there were legal experts, defense lawyers of course, saying Trump shouldn’t get any prison time because this is his first felony conviction and he’s old! The poor man!

But let’s be honest … I’ll be honest. As much as we cringe at the thought of that fat ass ex-president taking advantage of all the white privilege now available to him, if I’m ever in trouble with the law, looking at serious felony charges, I want a lawyer who will take advantage of as much white privilege as possible to avoid a conviction, or, if I am convicted, as much white privilege to avoid all or most of any sentence.

Our legal and justice systems provide us with many advantages to fight any charges and if a person can afford a good lawyer we can take advantage of those benefits — but that’s the deal, you have to pay for it and if you can’t afford it, well you’re shit out of luck.

I would most likely be shit out of luck, although I’m an old, somewhat frail white guy and that has some white privilege cache.

So, all the extreme right wing media are hosting all the extreme right wing elected officials proclaiming Trump Cult created talking points: The Justice system is a political tool of the Bidens, the trial wasn’t legitimate so the verdict isn’t legitimate, the justice system is rigged. Starting with New York  the prosecutors should be prosecuted for going after Trump and you know, let’s make the names and personal info of the 12 jurors public so the MAGA Cult can go after them. Because, you know, they are not so secretly Deep State, extreme left operatives. Let’s not forget the judge and his deep state, extreme left daughter.

A campaign memo from the Trump machine had the talking points for Republican lawmakers, saying the elected officials should call the case a “sham,” “hoax,” “witch hunt,” “election interference” and “lawfare” designed by Biden, whom the Trump Cult calls “crooked.”

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) said, “There’s a lot of developments yet to come, but I do believe the Supreme Court should step in, obviously. I think that the justices on the court — I know many of them personally — I think they’re deeply concerned about that as we are. So I think they’ll set this straight, but it’s going to take a while.”

Well, we don’t have to wonder if the conservative justices are in the bag for Trump and his GOP/MAGA cult. So much for the rule of law.

As stated earlier we have to wait until July 11 to hear Trump’s sentence. Could it include jail time? Or just a fine and probation? We don’t know. We’ve never had a former president convicted of multiple felonies before.

Four days later the Republican National Convention kicks off in the city of my birth, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What will be the primary topics of second rate oratory? It won’t be replacing the orange fat ass as their candidate for president. Will Trump even be allowed to show up in the Cream City? He’s a convicted felon and if he is to truly be treated like other convicted felons, his freedom of movement should be severely restricted. But let’ see.

Still, my friend (and many others) got it right: “LOCK HIM UP!”

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