Taking Note of a Few Things: The Nuclear Option

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It might just work. What?  A good nuclear war may save the planet. First off, there is no such thing as a good nuclear war. I know. I have even said this before. However, I might have been wrong. After reading about a recent study that details exactly what would happen to man if a nuclear war broke out between two powers, I am beginning to think this is what we need in the long run.

The study claims such a war would result in the loss of 5 Billion humans, or about three quarters of the world’s population due to starvation. However, the report also says the dark cloud of ash that would blanket the entire planet would result in global cooling. This is good news for nukes who want to play the odds rather than slowly cook themselves to death. It is also good news for people like me who want to see a reduction of people on the planet.

It appears the GOP has firmly aligned itself with Donald Trump as the party has nominated more of his people in big races and eliminated some of his worst pests like Elizabeth Cheney. The more the feds go after Trump, the more it seems to add to the determination of his supporters to stick with him.

All Hail King Donald — https://youtu.be/Z_v1FwosV_U

However, it also encourages Biden’s supporters to hold firm knowing he is doing all he can to hold Trump accountable. In the end, it means what it has meant since Trump first ran for office in 2016. It will be the fence sitting middle ground who may not be thrilled with either candidate who decides whether it is Joe Biden or Prisoner Trump as our next president.

How is it someone under investigation for among other things the theft of national secrets has his three passports returned to him? How is it this person who has his own plane is not considered a flight risk?

Has there already been a disaster film made about a mega flood hitting California? Can they just take the script from Earthquake and make a few changes to it and offer the lead to The Rock and be done with it? Perhaps they can add a shark to it and make it part of Shark Week.

King Tide at La Jolla Shores overtaking the entire beach
(Tim Forkes)

I think I might open a shop on top of a mountain that sells sunscreen, waders, and boats. That should cover the floods and additional UV rays we are exposed to. Maybe I will offer a canopy that attaches to the boat. I am torn between whether to live in a cave or a treehouse. Of course, there will be plenty of empty nuclear silos available once the missiles have been launched.

It turns out that the wall Trump wanted built was the wrong wall. Maybe we need one along all our ocean coasts to keep us from drowning. Of course, with a wall along our southern border, we won’t have anyone to exploit to build it. Americans are too lazy to do physical work.

Why does Zach Wilson, who has the misfortune of playing for the New York Jets, have to fly to California for knee surgery and then turn around and fly back to New York? I am not sure what sort of carbon footprint it leaves, but I am pretty sure it is bigger than the one he will get up his backside when he throws three interceptions in their opener. It just shows the NFL is out of touch with the real world on more than just matters of how players treat women. The league has no problem crapping all over the environment.

Heat warnings, mega floods, drought, nuclear war, and impending doom. Why is it I have a feeling the GOP will still focus on illegals crossing our border, Hunter Biden, a stolen election, and how life would be better if we just stepped back in time to the 1950’s?

Despite all this dour thinking, national elections come down to our wallets. Voters want to feel good about the direction of the economy and candidates can’t get enough money from big donors to smear their opponents in ads.

Now that Liz Cheney has lost her primary to a Trump endorsed candidate, you would think she would want nothing more to do with the guy whose life she has helped make miserable by being the face of the January 6th committee. Instead, she intends to change her goal from getting to the bottom of the truth to the events that took place when Trump’s supporters stormed the capitol building to doing all she can to make sure he does not win the 2024 presidential election. If this means running against him in the general election as a third body candidate, then so be it. More than anything, she is one Republican willing to remain a constant thorn in Trump’s side.

Vagina surgeries have doubled recently, and the reason has to do with the popularity of ultra-tight leggings.  I won’t go into the details, but I will say you won’t ever find a fashion trend that will result in a doubling of penis surgeries.

Tiger Woods might be a fraction of his once masterful self as a golfer, but it appears he is the one person out there to save the PGA Tour. It’s simple as far as Tiger is concerned. If you want a guarantee of lifetime riches no matter how well you perform, join the LIV Tour. However, if competition and history are what drives you, you will remain in the PGA.

I am not saying LeBron James is not worth the two-year max contract he just signed with the Lakers. However, for a player who claims to want to win world titles, it is not the smartest decision. When an NBA team is saddled with three max contracts like the Lakers are, it becomes more challenging to land enough quality players to build a winner unless your owner is willing to go way over the league salary cap and pay a huge penalty. James is one of sports’ few billionaires and is not in need of money. He’d be wiser to play for much less and give L.A. a shot at landing more talent, that is, if he is serious about wanting to win.

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers
(Claudia Gestro)

Everyone loves a winner and in just a few short weeks, President Biden suddenly looks more successful, thanks to some big legislative wins. Now if he can get inflation to trend downward in the next month or two, he could achieve his biggest victory, holding onto to both the house and senate for the next two years.

Am I the only one who finds the Walmart commercial where a woman delivers groceries and enters the home to put them away more than a bit creepy? I get why people might want groceries delivered to their home, but why on earth would a family want a stranger to come in and put them away while you are out?  What’s next, doing your laundry and folding it before putting it away for you? This is why rich people hire maids. They do all this stuff while you sit at home and can keep an eye on them.

I am out of words that describe how out of touch the NFL is from the real world.

SoFi Stadium (Claudia Gestro)

If only all GOP candidates were like former NFL player Herschel Walker. It would sure make it easier to question the sanity of each one. Instead, we are left to wonder if Walker is the first person to run for office while suffering from CTE.

Georgia candidate for the U.S. Senate, Herschel Walker being interviewed on Fox News

One of the songwriters of my youth passed away recently. Lamont Dozier, part of the Holland-Dozier-Lamont team, wrote countless songs that made up the soundtrack of my youth. The Supremes, Four Tops, and Isley Brothers were just a few of the artists who enjoyed a great deal of success from this songwriting team. If you are unaware of just how good the songs he helped write, enjoy “Reach Out I’ll Be There” along with “Band of Gold” and see for yourself.

Lindsay Graham and any other lawmaker who works as hard as he does to avoid having to testify before a grand jury has something to hide. It is people like him who make laws that exempt them from what the rest of us must do and then go to great lengths to place the right judges in high spots that will side with their pleas.

Each year, my community hosts an air show. I have yet to go because I have no interest in standing around and looking up at the sky while planes fly by. I once attended the airshow at MCAS Miramar and the highlight for me was saying hi to Ed McMahon as he sat in a golf cart. I wonder how long before air shows are put to a halt because of their carbon footprint.

Blue Angels perform at the MCAS Miramar Air Show (Tim Forkes)

I’ll be happy when October arrives and the law changes regarding hearing aids. Currently, they may only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. However, come mid-October, we will be able to purchase hearing aids over the counter which is going to bring down the cost tremendously My current set costs $12,000.00. Insurance picks up half the cost and since I paid for mine up front, the knocked off another grand, bringing my cost to $5,000.00. That’s a lot of money to constantly be pissed off. The set I have works great if I sit still. As soon as I move, one either falls off or pops out. If I were stinking rich, I would have taken a hammer to mine long ago.

I gave up trying to hear what people have to say when face masks became the norm. Add in background noise and it’s impossible to follow any conversation. I was at the pharmacy the other day and asked the lady behind the counter if they planned to carry hearing aids starting in October and she finally had to lower her mask and yell, “I don’t know,” in frustration, for me to hear her.  I damn near told her to get off my lawn.

Dallas was hit with three months’ worth of rain in one night when nine inches fell recently. I am pretty sure Senator Ted Cruz will claim it had nothing to do with global warming and was entirely the fault of undocumented immigrants crossing the border.

It’s nice to know that more than half a century after man first set foot on the moon we are sending an unmanned rocket as a test to eventually send people back to the moon. Word on the street is if we succeed, NASA intends to move forward with something they call a Space Shuttle that flies like a plane in space and lands in Elon Musk’s backyard.

Anthony Fauci says he intends to retire in December. I have no idea what he intends to do, but I am certain whatever it is will not sit well with Republicans.

Dr. Anthony Fauci appearing before a U.S. Senate committee hearing, putting Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in his place. “Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly and I want to say that officially.” https://youtu.be/pFoaBV_cTek

Dr. Oz is doing a great job of writing the book on how not to win a senate seat.

I have never met anyone who claims to watch The View. People must watch it just like people once voted for Nixon but won’t admit it because they don’t want to face the ridicule of others.

Our very own Claudia Gestro has been at it again. I keep telling my editor, Tim Forkes, I am willing to interview members of the Dodgers, Rams, Chargers and Angels like Claudia does, however, he has yet to take me up on my offer. Maybe if I was willing to drive into Los Angeles instead of insisting athletes drive to my home, I might score an interview or two. Claudia does a great job with her interviews which frees me up to take more naps. Check her stuff out and learn more about some of the players that make Los Angeles a great sports town.

Sports reporter Claudia Gestro at the 2022 Home Run Derby, July 18, 2922 at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles (Claudia Gestro)

Student loan forgiveness is a touchy topic. The president seems to be trying to placate the left and follow through on a campaign promise without going so far as to anger people like me who are not fans of loan forgiveness. As far as make or break issues, this falls short of some of the larger issues we face but will serve to remind voters why they like or dislike Biden.

Our public school system is as much to blame for our college loan problem as anyone. For far too long they have emphasized the only way to get ahead in life is to get a college degree. Far too many have dropped shop-related classes that helped to open the eyes of kids to another world out there to pursue. Considering 70% of college graduates never find work in the field they majored in and then add the huge debt they owe for a degree they can’t use; it makes more sense for public schools to educate kids on the alternatives after they graduate high school.

A very big change is in my future. My wife and I have decided to join the great exodus of California and move out of state. We are both lifelong residents of this state who are no longer willing to pay through the nose in taxes while seeing little in return. We also have no desire to watch the state dry up literally and figuratively, so we have decided to head east. We have our sights set on the Knoxville area where we know housing is cheaper and the state gets rain. Politically and socially, it is about the complete opposite of what I am used to. However, as long as we have each other and our dogs, we should be okay no matter where we live.