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Tatiana Kukanova – Leaving the Rat Race

My good friend Tatiana Kukanova is currently living in Mexico City, she has an online business which is generating at least $7,000 per month and she works for around 4 hours per day. Whenever she likes to Tatiana Kukanova takes a vacation where she is able to work as she travels, and she is living her happiest life. Things weren’t always like this however and as someone who has been friends with her since she was a kid, I am so proud at how everything is working out for her. For anyone who has dreams of beating the rat race, check out how Tatiana Kukanova did it.

School and Career

For reasons which I won’t go into right now Tatiana didn’t get a college education and she began working for a supermarket just after leaving high school. Throughout the years at the grocery store she tried to work up the ladder and reach management level, but it was clear that her face just didn’t fit. The truth was that she really had no desire to be a manager there, but she felt that as she was there anyway that she might as well aspire to earn more money. The grocery store made her miserable and whilst I believe that she should have tried out for other jobs, her lack of qualifications would have held her back.

Making Plans and a Touch of Luck

Just before her 30th birthday Tatiana made some plans to quit her job and do some traveling, so she began to look for ways in which she could earn money on the road. The most appealing of these was online content writing, a job which she knew she’d be good at and one which she could easily do whilst she was traveling. Then a slice of luck came her way and she discovered that her job role was disappearing and that the company would be offering a redundancy package. Tatiana held on for 4 long months to get her payout, which was enough to pay off her debts and give her a starter fund for going away.

Braving it

After just a couple of months on the road that money began to dry up and so too did the work, Tatiana then decided that she would complete her journey which she had planned, and then head back home to seek out a ‘proper job’. Tatiana says that when she was in Guatemala she made a decision to try again to start an online business and so she moved back to Mexico instead of finishing that trip. Mexico was relatively cheap in terms of living costs and so she decided that she’d give herself 3 months to try and make it work. This was 4 years ago and she is still in Mexico, living her best life and completely thriving with her online business.

The moral of the story here is not to give up, ignore the past and work hard on forming a great future.

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