Thanksgiving and Indigenous Peoples Day

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As we celebrate being able to get together with our family after almost two years of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, and a slight return to what we might call “normalcy,” the staff of the Los Angeles Post-Examiner would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and to remember the indigenous people that were here before our European ancestors.

If you’re traveling, be safe — get vaccinated. Try not to argue a lot, even if that sister, or brother, or aunt or uncle or best friend from college, says the most ridiculous things – but we will all argue nonetheless.

If “you” are the one cooking for entire gathering, let go of your pride and ask for — and accept — help. Be thankful for the people that bring the cranberries, mashed potatoes and pies. In theory more pie is a good thing.

For those who will be alone: there are places you can go to enjoy a communal meal — or if you’re able: help provide a Thanksgiving meal to the less fortunate in society.

Whatever your plans for today, enjoy it and don’t forget to be thankful. If you’re reading this then you probably have a roof over your head and will most likely get fed today, whether it’s at a Thanksgiving feast or not. For most descendant of the original people this is a day of sadness. We remember it with the hashtag #indigemouspeoplsday  Their land has been stolen and ruined in most places, while their culture had nearly been wiped out by European invaders. Think about that as you sit down to eat that big meal today.

Be grateful today.