The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles

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Whether you’ve lived here your whole life, just moved to town, or are getting used to Los Angeles, there are some definitive things everyone should do in LA to get a feel for it. Are you getting used to the city or want to shake up the stale quality of the pandemic? It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling about the city. There are still plenty of things to do in Los Angeles. Below are some of the best options to find the right activity for your sensibility in Los Angeles.

Spend Time Outside

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has some of the best weather in the world. It is a cliché for a reason. With so many days of sunshine, you’d be remiss not to enjoy it. There is absolutely no shortage of ways to spend time outside, enjoy the weather, and immerse yourself in the natural world. Go to Griffith Park, take a walk, and enjoy a picnic. Hike up the trail to the Hollywood sign. Spend a day at the beach. Go out to the Angeles National Forest and rent a cabin. Going outside is essential for any Angeleno, no matter what they’re into. Don’t waste the opportunities you have to spend time outdoors.

Go Out to Eat

In Los Angeles, there are so many options for food. There are street tacos and Michelin-starred restaurants. It can feel like there is no middle ground, but there is. Some of the best places to eat in LA are hidden gems. There are pop ups and places to eat off the beaten path. You can find the cuisine of just about any country in the world here. There is food from all over South America, Asia, and Europe. Whatever you’re looking for in Los Angeles, it’s easy to find the food you’ve been dreaming of.

Go Out for Drinks

Like food, there is no end to the amount of drinking establishments in Los Angeles. With bars of all calibers, you can find a speakeasy, a dive, or a brewery very easily. You can go to a club with your finest outfit and put on cologne. Versace Bright Crystal, Dior Sauvage, or Acqua di Gio will have you smelling good at a cocktail bar, but you could also wear a t-shirt and shorts to a tap room. You can drink near the beach, in a cellar, or at a hidden secret that you’ve made your home bar. Going out for drinks is nearly always fun in Los Angeles.

See Some Art

Los Angeles is, of course, known for its art. There are plenty of museums and galleries. Whether you want to see some modern art, sculpture, or paintings from artists who are long gone. You can go to the Broad for some amazing contemporary art. There is also the Getty Art Center, which is a full day experience. The Norton Simon has the famous art collector’s collection and a garden. Small galleries offer showings and host local artists. Whatever kind of art you want to see can be found in Los Angeles. It is a great place to see amazing works of art in any style you desire

Find the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Another thing Los Angeles has to offer is delicious coffee. Whether you are looking for a café with that at-home vibe or high-end coffee and preparations, there are plenty of great spots for a cup of joe or the most interesting coffee you’ve ever had. Intelligentsia is a popular craft coffee establishment. So is Blue Bottle. These are the bigger options for high-end coffee, but there are also mom-and-pop shops that can make just what you are looking for.

It doesn’t matter what you’re into, there are so many options for things to do in LA. Spending time outdoors, going out to eat and drink, viewing some art, and finding the perfect cup of coffee are some of the most popular things to do, but it doesn’t end there.

Los Angeles is a dynamic and unique place. It has no shortage of amazing things to do and places to go. Whether you are moving to Los Angeles, have lived here for a while, or are trying to get more familiar with the city, the best things to do are found in Los Angeles. 

Yes, there is smog. Yes, there is heat. There are homeless people. There is a huge wage disparity. The standard of living is high. But if you want to live an interesting life with all kinds of different things to do, Los Angeles is one of the best places in the United States.