The Dumb and Dangerous

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Many people have remarked that it is increasingly more difficult to figure out which member of Congress is the dumbest and most flagrantly dishonest. Now, with so many members in Congress proudly declaring they are fully into the MAGA-QAnon Cult, the clown car is about to burst at its seams.

I actually follow many of these MAGA Cult clown car congress people on Twitter, so I read many of their tweets every day. They tweet so much I have to wonder how they get anything else done in a day.

One of the leading MAGA/QAnon Cult nut bars is Congresswoman Lauren “Q-Bert” Boebert, who represents Colorado’s Third District. Makes me wonder what kind of people would vote for a person who married a sex offender. Well, who knows …

Anyway, on Monday Boebert let this little gem fly:

As we can see California — my state — plans on banning electric cars and natural gas heaters. I had to go look that up and you know what? Rep. LAUREN BOEBERT IS LYING — again.

By 2035 we will no longer be able to buy vehicles that use the internal combustion engine. Many car companies have been putting one or more models on the road that are fulltime electric with small gas tanks and engines for emergencies. We can assume that as electric vehicles become more advanced and widespread the gas component will be eliminated completely.

By 2030 the state will probably have a ban on natural gas space heaters, furnaces and water heaters. As we have known for decades, natural gas has much less pollution than coal and oil, but it still puts dangerous fumes into the atmosphere.

This will significantly clean the air above California and if other states adopt the measure it would be a big step towards slowing down global warming.

People with gas and or diesel vehicles and natural gas heaters won’t be required to get rid of the old vehicles and heaters, but as we move forward people will start to see the benefits and hopefully it won’t be too late. We have squandered that last five decades when we could have made the changes to save the world’s air, water (oceans and fresh water) and land, including all the flora and fauna.

The human race has destroyed and severely damaged so much habitat it’s a wonder we haven’t collapsed as an ecosystem.

Anyway, Boebert was correct when she said the Golden State intends to ban new sales of natural gas-powered heaters. Hooray for Boebert. She got something right.

Another lying Republican asshole is the alleged pedophile from Florida’s first district, Matt Gaetz. This MAGA Cult pond scum pals around with Georgia’s mouth with no roar, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Just an aside: If these were the only nut bars in Congress that would be … okay, I guess, but there are approximately 140 election denying, MAGA Cult members serving in Congress. Should the GOP get control of the House of Representatives, the U.S. of A. would be screwed.

At any rate, Matt Gaetz is waiting to hear about the possible charges being leveled at him, human trafficking being one). On his Twitter feed he is saying the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be dismantled. …

Remember when Republicans were pro law and order? Apparently the GOP takes its law and order cafeteria style — shove your snot-covered fingers into the gooey maw you want and then condemn the rest.

Doesn’t Gaetz remind you of the guy in junior and senior high who picked his nose and ate it?

Let’s not forget Marjorie Taylor Greene. She was campaigning for another MAGA Cult member who is running to be the governor of Michigan, Tudor Dixon. Greene took the stage right before he lord and master, The Donald.

Greene told the crowd of MAGA Cult supporters that Democrats have already started killing Republicans. I don’t know if she’s the dumbest person in Congress, but Greene is easily one of the most dangerous — one of the worst human beings in Congress.

Greene’s husband has filed for divorce. Apparently his family values wife ,,, eh, it’s public record that she cheated on him — twice. Maybe three times is the line in the sand, or maybe he woke up one day and realized he is married to one of the dumbest, most dangerous, people in Congress.

Right in the middle of writing this Hurricane Ian struck Florida’s west coast — the gulf coast —and wreaked havoc on a large swath of the Sunshine State. Nearly every part of Florida at least felt the wrath of the rain and some win, but it was the area from Fort Myers across to the Atlantic side, hitting Orlando on its path then twirling out into the Atlantic Ocean where t made landfall in Southerner’s Caroline as a Cat 1 hurricane.

The National Hurricane Center warned of “life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and flooding in the Florida Peninsula.”

The Hurricane hit near Cayo Costa, which is one of the state’s barrier islands. It’s just north of Sanibel, which was cut off from the mainland when the only road getting to and from the island was destroyed.

Ian caused near total destruction as it crossed over Florida, bringing 8-foot storm surges — and higher — in some places. Add Lots and lots of rain and winds of over 100 MPH — 150 when it made landfall — and flooding, and you will have millions of displaced Floridians.

In “Alligator Alley,” a portion of the state with many alligators, the residents were told to stay out of the flood waters because they don’t know what is lurking under the brown-colored water. Of all the shit Floridians have to deal with because of the hurricane, they also have to worry about getting eaten by the state’s apex predators.

Florida was smashed on both sides and the middle of the peninsula, causing damage that was either severe or catastrophic.

There was Governor Ron DeSantis giving his press conferences as a fully engaged governor should … less than two weeks after his political stunt of spending $13 million of Florida’s tax dollars to fly legal migrants from San Antonio, Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. He sure owned the libs with that one!

Gov. Ron DeSantis during Hurricane Ian press conference
(Sky News YouTube Screenshot)

Except that the “libs” of Massachusetts opened their arms to welcome the approximately 50 migrants — legal migrants who are seeking asylum  —  giving these migrants food, clothing — WATER, which they had been denied — medical attention and then a short flight to a facility — still in Massachusetts — where they could stay until the migrants could go to their original destinations.

The “Libs”  of Massachusetts proved they are much better human beings than the MAGA Cult clowns who thought DeSantis’ stunt was cool; it’s good to be Cruella de Vil. As Adam Serwer points out in his book (of the same name) The Cruelty is the Point.

Just a short aside: We are still dealing with all the children that were kidnapped by the Trump Administration. Officials are still looking for hundreds of parents who had their children viciously taken from them when they came to America seeking freedom and a better life for them and their families.

Writer Ellis Henican participated in a Newsweek Magazine podcast about immigration and he said this, “Morally, this is an abomination. I mean, the idea of going to poor, defenseless, vulnerable people — here legally, by the way, under our asylum rules — lying to them and tricking them into this trip where you dump them on an island that they’ve never heard of, with nothing for them to do, and yank them out of their lives? Pick whichever faith you like, I don’t know any faith that would consider that anything other than the morally reprehensible.”

Cruelty is the point.

Getting back to Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis, during his press conferences DeSantis repeatedly thanked FEMA and the rest of the federal government, including President Joe Biden. Right before Ian hit DeSantis was on Fox News with Sean Hannity and he praised the president and thanked him for the pre-hurricane emergency funding.

He also thanked the president and his administration in a couple press conferences, since, as President Biden said this was not a time for playing politics and DeSantis said this was not a time for “pettiness.”

That’s an interesting tack from the governor. When he was representing the sixth district of Florida he voted against emergency funding for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Which devasted so much of New Jersey and New York City. That’s when former New Jersey Governor Chris Christy got in trouble for hugging President Obama. But that was then and this is now.

Florida’s #6 includes Daytona Beach. Part of its southern border is right above Orlando, which was hard hit by Ian.

You know, a governor can change his opinion if he needs to. He might even be sincere about feeling empathy with the people severely affected by the storm. DeSantis told Tucker Carlson, “When people are fighting for their lives, when their whole livelihood is at stake, when they’ve lost everything — if you can’t put politics aside for that, then you’re just not going to be able to, He also said, “So, When people are fighting for their lives, when their whole livelihood is at stake, when they’ve lost everything — if you can’t put politics aside for that, then you’re just not going to be able to.”

This post started with the minor players in the GOP’s melodrama  and morphed into the biggest, most dangerous Republican who isn’t named Trump. DeSantis is dangerous because he can set policy on a wide range of issues. He’s banning books and telling history teachers what they can teach: the white-washed version of our past, He recently claimed the American Revolution was the first time anyone had questioned slavery, and that the founders wanted to end it.

Preserving slavery was one reason the Southern States joined the revolution. Great Britain had abolished slavery and some of the colonies did not want to give up their human property.

The list includes books about Rosa Parks and Roberto Clemente. What did the former Pittsburgh Pirate do to get a book about him banned? He was opposed to segregation and racial injustice. Clemente was one of those Hispanic players in the 1950s and 60s who said he had two strikes against him: his skin color and his language (Spanish).

We can’t be teaching young school kids about racism and slavery.

Florida is second when it comes to banned books, 411. Texas (of course) has the most banned books

The people of Florida have a chance to change the state’s political leadership.

Another scary MAGA Cult member is Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She testified, under oath, to the January 6th’ 2021 Select House Committee. During her testimony she claimed the 2020 election was stolen (the big lie) and that she never talks politics, or her extreme right activism with her husband. Of course we [don’t] believe that.

This was started a few days ago. So much happens. Putin tells the world he has annexed the eastern part of Ukraine, only to have Ukrainian troops force Russian troops out of one of those areas, Lyman. CPAC was caught supporting Vladimir Putin and Russia over not only Ukraine, but this nation as well. They took down the offending tweet.

The most elitist person on television, Tucker Carlson, is firmly in the Putin camp. The insane right is in lockstep with the Kremlin. With their feedback loop feeding one another it appears no conspiracy theory — no lie — is too extreme for these people. We should just consider Fox News the U,S. arm of the Russian disinformation agency, the Foreign Intelligence Service, otherwise known as the SVR RF.

The Russians consider former Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard a “friend.” She recently tried the old false equivalency disinformation by saying our government was treating news agencies and reporters the same way Putin is doing — putting people in prison for 15 years for reporting true information about the Russian government and their war of aggression in Ukraine. No, that’s not happening here. The U.S. government has many faults, but crapping on the media isn’t one of them, at least not under President Biden. Trump is infamous for his attacks on the media.

The kooks in the GOP, and there are a lot of them, are hoping to take control of Congress so they can take revenge on the Democrats — and some Republicans — for holding members of the GOP and their right wing nationalist and Christian nationalist organizations supporters responsible for the January 6, 2021 insurrection.

And of course they also want to go after Dr. Anthony Fauci. Why? I don’t know, but we are sure to hear some B.S. claims. In June of 2021 Rep. Boebert tweeted, “Anthony Fauci, whom I refuse to refer to as ‘doctor’, betrayed America to help Democrats get Trump out of office.

For that crime alone, no penalty is stiff enough.”

Someone had the perfect reply to Boebert’s nuttiness. He tweeted, “That’s ok, we don’t refer to you as a congress person.” Click here to see the tweets.

I’m watching Peyton and Eli Manning cover Monday Night Football so it’s time to say adios.