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The Importance of Accreditation and Quality Leadership at the Top of Elevations RTC

Elevations RTC is always launching new information to keep current and future students and their families up-to-date. It can sometimes seem like a pretty tedious task providing new details all the time, but the goal is to have outstanding resources completely online.

This is just one of the many small details that separate Elevations RTC from many competitors. As an accredited program serving troubled teens from all over the United States, providing a top-end program is a significant priority. Leadership at all levels makes a substantial difference, and it is why Elevations RTC spends extra time getting everything right before each new year.

Creating a challenging and engaging curriculum

One of the most difficult things for any program like Elevations RTC is creating the perfect curriculum. It needs to be challenging enough to push students to stay on track, but not to the point that they get frustrated. Keeping students engaged the entire year takes the proper amount of planning and execution, but it is something elevations RTC takes great pride in pulling off.

Earning accreditation for the curriculum was viewed as a must for Elevations RTC as they started to grow as a program. Without accreditation, they knew that many would overlook them. They are accredited by Cognia with the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools as well as a nonpublic school in the state of California.

Why is this so important? One of the primary reasons comes down to providing students with the credits they need to transition home smoothly. If a student shows up to Elevations RTC and falls behind during their time, it can harm long-term success. Teenagers are coming to the campus because they are dealing with their own troubles and falling behind in school can only add to the problem. Elevations can help a student get caught up and at times jump ahead with credits.

Building a base of great leaders

The leaders of the Elevations RTC make a significant difference, and that branches down spreads to the group of teachers and specialists that interact with students as well. Children spend time with all teachers at Elevations RTC, and they create one of the most crucial aspects of the entire program.

Each teacher is responsible for specific subjects. Students move around to different teachers throughout the day, and they all provide plenty of opportunities for students to discuss any problems or concerns along the way.

When bringing on new teachers at Elevations RTC, there are strict requirements to make sure that they are getting the best of the best. Every teacher at Elevations RTC has experience working with troubled teenagers and navigating any problems that might stem from that. Experience is crucial in this field, especially when making fast decisions to get breakthroughs.

Teachers, specialists, and everyone else on staff also knows how to talk to parents who are looking for updates and might have specific concerns. It can be very frustrating for parents to get answers from their child specifically, so reaching out to a staff member can ease some anxiety.

Always Evolving

Earning recognition as one of the top residential treatment centers in the country is a great honor. With that said, the competition is getting stiffer than ever, and that means a program can lose its luster in a short amount of time if they are not always evolving.

Curricular changes take place every single year, and the slight tweaks are necessary to give places like Elevations RTC an edge. This can be anything from bringing on new subjects, to changing the amount of time for certain activities. Staying too complacent is a recipe for disaster as families have more options to choose from than ever before.

Elevations RTC is always looking at ways to improve and do better.  Updates always make sense, and it also provides an opportunity to review some of the strategies and tactics used. There might be times when very few changes are necessary, but it prevents the temptation of any complacency.

Accredited programs make the most sense for anyone looking for the best type of treatment. Having real graduates who can share their stories about their success after Elevations RTC. So many teenagers dealing with troubles can turn things around with the right leadership in guidance to get them in a better place. Running the risk with a less than favorable, non accredited program is a risk that could backfire significantly. Any family trying to take this risk is potentially setting their child back more instead of helping.

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