Number of Rare Finds You Could Find in Beverly Hills

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Are you short of cash and living in Beverly Hills? It would help if you worried less. First, look around your home for things you rarely use, like jewelry, watches, gold, diamond, coins, etc. If you find something valuable, then a pawn shop is the place to go.

Remember, a pawn shop is not only for getting quick cash. You can always get a good deal if you have the right knowledge.

How do pawn shops work?

Before we discuss what to find in the pawnshop, let’s take you through how the system works.

  • Pawnshop make cash offers for the items you no longer need
  • You get a buyer much faster than offering to sell yourself
  • Pawnshop only offers 20 to 60 percent of your asset’s resale value as a loan
  • Time for loan repayment is between 30 to 60 days
  • You can only retrieve your item after repaying the loan

Top pawn shop services

The following are the services that the pawnshop offers:

Consignment sales

Are you interested in exchanging your diamond for cash? If yes, you can sell on consignment. Here is how it works. The shop attendant will receive your item, but you won’t get immediate cash until it’s sold. With this, you get the money worth your item’s sale value, which is much higher than when you make a direct sell.

Collateral loan

If you need quick cash, but you don’t want to sell your item, try a collateral loan. The pawn shop’s moneylenders will evaluate your asset and offer cash based on its value. Your item serves as a security that you return to repay the loan in 30 to 60 days. Of course, a reputable pawn shop must secure your valuable until you return.

Sell for cash

Selling your valuables is the quickest way to get cash from a pawn shop. What separates this one from consignment sales is that you sell it directly and receive the cash immediately. Unlike a collateral loan, you neither repay nor retrieve your item.

Asset exchange

Pawnshops offer you the option to trade valuables you no longer use. You can come with your precious metal and exchange them with something that suits your taste. After you decided to part with your old asset, it’s possible to get something that’s more expensive.

Cleaning, Repair, and Custom Services

Another interesting Beverly Hills pawnshop service is customizing and resizing of rings, jewelry, and watches. Here, you can clean and polish your old wash to give it a sparkling look.

Gold Coin Sales

Do you have gold or silver coin collections? Now is the time to exchange them for cash. However, you can only get a good price if the buyer knows your coin’s history and value.

Rare pawnshop finds to buy or sell

Pawnshops have a variety of items. However, Beverly Hills pawn shop prefers some items over others. Below is the order of item preference for most shops:

·       Jewelry

·       Watches

·       Gold and Silver Coins

Other items that you can sell or use as loan collateral include:

  • Guns
  • Computers
  • Video games
  • Music players
  • Keyboards
  • Speakers
  • Craftsman tools
  • Musical instruments
  • Sporting items

Things to consider before choosing a pawn shop in Beverly Hills

Track record

Figure out when the shop was established and how long they have stayed in that location. Always select one that has existed for at least ten years. Of course, the pawnshop should have a proper license and a good reputation among competitors.

How they value items

Check the shop’s appraisal process. Remember, you won’t get a good value if the shop’s experts don’t understand your item. You should consider who is on their team, especially if they have the certification and experience to value items.

Asset’s security

It would be best if you considered your valuable’s security and storage location matters. Avoid shops that don’t have the facility to keep your item safe.

At Beverly Hills pawn shop, you get a licensed numismatist that spends time with your asset to understand its real value.